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Scaling Widget and Audio Radius not working together?

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    Scaling Widget and Audio Radius not working together?

    I am placing AmbientSounds throughout my map and adjusting the Min/Max Radius with the scaling widget. I noticed that the scaling widget does adjust the Min/Max Radius values correctly in the Properties window and when I preview in the editor everything sounds fine. BUT, when I play the level in the game my sounds can be heard all over the map.

    So I did a bit of research and found that when using the scaling widget the Min/Max Radius values are changed but their LookupTable Values are not. Check out this picture that shows a newly created AmbientSoundSimple. I have only adjusted the Max Radius with the scaling widget and you can see that the Max Radius and its Lookup Table Value are different. This did not affect anything inside of the editor, but when I launched the game my sounds were playing across the map, because the Lookup Table vaules override the Max Radius. If I go back into the editor and manually type in a value then the Lookup Table changes to match the Max Radius and everything works fine. So there is a workaround.

    So here are my questions:

    1. Is the scaling widget rendered useless when working with an Audio Radius because the Lookup Tables do not get changed? Am I forced to manually enter all my property values?

    2. Is this a known bug? I don't see any mention of it in the Known Issues on the UDN or in the forums.

    3. Does the scaling widget exhibit this behavior on any other objects or is it just AmbientSounds?

    4. What is a Lookup Table anyway?

    Thanks for your help...

    The answer to my questions I guess are use the UDK. The issue with the scaling widget is non-existent in the new editor. Along, with some other audio bugs that needed workarounds. Thanks Epic for the new UDK. It sounds alot better too. Did they change their LIN/LOG distance models and LPF filters when the changed from OpenAL to XAudio2?