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How to remove some chars from a pack?

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    How to remove some chars from a pack?

    I have some custom chars that belong to a pack with dozens of variations of the same char. I'd like to keep just one or two and delete the rest. Is this possible? I'm using Mapmixer. I can remove the chars I don't want with the tools provided by this frontend, but that doesn't mean that the removed chars keep on being available to be assigned to my own character. I think I need something more radical: edit the packages or maybe some inis or something and delete all the chars I don't want. How can I do this? I'd tried removing the references to these chars in utcustomchar.ini and also in ut_mapmixer_listfactions.ini

    I neither use character packs nor the map mixer.
    Just give me the link to the pack you downloaded.
    Then I could check if (or better: how) it's possible to remove things.
    I guess it would be the same as if you download a map pack but don't want to use all maps, right?

    And you can say what you want to have removed.



      I downloaded these chars: Xeno, Samus Aran and the skeleton pack by Runerstorm.

      All these packs have nice chars, but they are too many and that's the problem. Most of the time I have any of these chars assigned to my own character. I'd like to remove some of them: from Samus, remove 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. From Xeno: 3, 6 and 9. From the skeleton pack: undead rebel, gothic, terminator, hunter minion, skeleton minion, bombardist and skirmisher. I think that using Mapmixer to leave these chars out of the custom group I had created means that they no longer are selected to appear in the game, but they still are candidates to be assigned to my own character.