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Unofficial Epic Warfare #3 server available!

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    Hm but that's the way UT works, Pemp.
    And usually such a guy cannot survive long.
    Furthermore while he's wasting his time with spawnkilling his team could be needing him.
    And look: You have 4 seconds to get weapons (you already have them anyway) or a vehicle.
    And you can shoot him without being damaged by him.

    It will be difficult to handle it manually.
    The easiest thing is the spawn-protection time.

    P.S. On Epic #2 there are no rules and the protection time is 2 seconds I guess.



      Although I've already said via WebAdmin that we are currently not interested in uploading more custom maps, you can write your favorite custom maps here.
      (But please check the 1st post first to see if they are already uploaded.)

      There is still this small lag issue that randomly appears and it's in my opinion the most important thing that has to be solved.
      If once everything is solved and the server runs as well as today, I see no problem to upload more maps and Zauberpony (the owner) told me there is a lot of free space.

      Until then, I will check the maps you've suggested.
      But please no core exploit maps: