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Best Mouse Settings of the Best UT3 Pro Gamers

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    ^Must mean 4.3cm surely?

    A good place to start is the Config/UTinput tweaks, just to make the mouse feel normal because the stock,default feel is just plain wrong. Bit odd because with Ut2004's I only made a slight adjustment in the UI and it felt spot on.


      4.3 sounds too exactly, but I hope you are right.
      Else the guy will have a tennis elbow very soon



        Originally posted by Moloko View Post
        ^Must mean 4.3cm surely?
        No, guaranteed that's not a typo.

        43cm is quite close to what I use... I think I'm at 38cm/360 or so, however I have played (TDM pickup games) at 100cm/360 too.


          4.3cm to do 360 would have me spinning all over the place, way too twitchy
          20+ at least


            a) OhDear1MoreBeer: best rank 152 with K/D=0.88. Best K/D=2.66 with rank=149059, nick=Benfica101. A few more in between
            btw, kill/death ratio improves if a good player goes for frags. Flag or node caps tend to improve rank and lower k/d ratio, the playing style of destroying nodes while under attack is pretty bad for k/d (think flood node). If you say that rank is irrelevant then post k/d.

            b) No accel or smoothing
            c) 15cm
            d) middle(?). I also use the 500Hz USB tweak
            e) No
            f) Mostly vCTF and Greed, war and tdm once in a while. Other gametypes offline only.


              A.) DaK1lla - Rank #1 rank means jack... i just managed to get top score all the time. WAR is all about team work...
              Daquila - Rank #84
              DaKilla84 - Rank #146

              B.) mouse acceleration and mouse smoothing = OFF

              C.) couldn't tell u the exact measurement... it takes 2 wrist flicks to do a 180

              D.) Low sensitivity. i have a Logitech G9x set on 3200 dpi (actually goes to 5000 which is a bit too much IMO... i may set it back to 2000) my game sensitivity is set to 200 (actually have it on 150 now... still trying new things). set on 1000 reports/sec

              E.) no, i don't change my dpi in game. i have my dpi increase/decrease buttons bound to shock and sniper

              F.) WARFARE (but i always like to warm up with a little deathmatch)


                a) Too awesome to be ranked correctly

                b) Hell no. It's bad.

                c) 20cm for 180 or something. I cba to load ut3 up to check it

                d) Low.

                e) No.

                f) Pretty much anything goes. WAR, DM, iCTF, CTF, BTA, TDM


                  a) Shoot_You_Down. Varies from 200-500 every day because the rank system is bad and isn't based on skill at all.

                  b) Neither

                  c) 18 inches/46 cm, 100 fov (would like 120 though)

                  d) Low

                  e) No, like JohnDoe said, muscle memory is everything when it comes to aim, and changing sensitivity isn't really going to help.

                  f) DM usually, sometimes duel when there's actually a server active that I ping low to, TDM if neither


                    Originally posted by Cr4zyB4st4rd View Post
                    a) Too awesome to be ranked correctly
                    n1 answer
                    (Old boaster )



                      Rank means nothing.Even k/d ratio means nothin if u play warfare n u play a lot on foot.

                      No mouse acel (hint:for winXP users,dload cplmousefix to totally remove mouse acel)

                      20+cm for a 180 .

                      Lowish:explanation:Low sens(i'd recommend not too high FOV too ) can give u better hitscan aim.The best thing though is that it forces you to move and aim ,making you harder to hit.

                      I dont change it.If someone learns to play with it though ,it might work/help.

                      Warfare,bta mostly.

                      I'm a proud pR0 of the Armageddon clan .They still owe me the entire amount of that recruitment contract . I want that 1 euro u owe me guys.


                        There was a time I was something like #80 in custom before the 2.0 patch. After that I could only manage <300 on pure, atm I seem to be 619. No doubt I could drop it back to <300 if I'd stop playing bta. But I don't really care.

                        Mouse sens: 25-30cm/360. Can't remember the exact number, I'm writing this on my laptop. Anyways a mx518 with full dpi and 200 sensitivity setting in game iirc. Never change it during playing, it'll just mess up your aim. I could go lower, but my mousepad is too small! Not enough room to make large turns. When I first started playing UT3 I had high sens, something <10cm/360 but I do believe low sens has improved my aim considerably. You do lose some speed in turning, but it's not as important as the accuracy at longer distances.

                        atm I play mostly bta, and the occasional warfare, vctf or ictf match.


                          Originally posted by DrUnKenSTeiN View Post
                          (i'd recommend not too high FOV too )
                          Good point; could you guys also give your FOV? Thanks.


                            a) No idea :S

                            b) Both turned off

                            c) 10cm for 360 degrees

                            d) I use 600dpi with 1800 sens, I guess this is high sensitivity as it feels quite snappy

                            e) Never

                            f) Warfare, BTA and iCTF mostly


                              Originally posted by Rhykker View Post
                              Good point; could you guys also give your FOV? Thanks.
                              Mine is 90.3950929307.Thats what i got from the FOV converter when i changed from 17" crt to 22"tft. Tbh if you have a decent crt NEVER change it for any tft.All i got was a bigger screen n better colors in game(that wasn't bad but...).With the crt the game felt much faster.It feels half as good with vcync disabl3ed in the tft monitors but the tearing just suxx.


                                a)< 150, but varies. insert "Usual Disclaimer"

                                b) Neither

                                c) 360 turn is in the 40's cm

                                d) Low

                                e) Constant

                                f) DM mainly, and some TDM

                                One thing that I have noticed is that a mouse pad's surface texture can affect aiming. I think it goes without saying that for low sensitivity gamers, large pads are a must(10x12inches or larger).

                                Hard surfaces such as textured plastic, aluminum, or frosted glass, seem to allow very fluid tracking. Softer surfaced cloth pads may give up a touch in tracking to the hard pads, but have more traction to allow your mouse to come to a firm halt. This extra pad grip can also prevent the mouse from any twitching movements caused by your hand when pressing the fire button. IMO, this makes sniping with a cloth pad easier, but my personal preference is a hard surface.

                                Anyway, just some differences I have noticed. I'd be interested in hearing others experiences with pad surfaces and what they have settled on.

                                Elix1, I Hax, Xarv, and Shoot You Down all seem to be really good snipers. My guess is they play on cloth pads