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Halloween model for UT3?

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    Halloween model for UT3?

    Does anyone know good halloween model? Just one model, what can add to server, for bots?

    Found (skeleton pack/ 24.2 MB) and (zombie/ 13 MB). Skeleton model is nice, but I need only one smaller file. ;-) Of course halloween model with watermelon head would be the best.


    Tested with skeleton pack and met problems. I compress necessary files and upload them to my redirect server and place uncompressed files to server to right paths. Client downloaded right files and they went to Cache folder. But on game you see the default UT3 model on bot players, who should use the custom model (concluding about bots name).

    On client have tapped from Player menu "allow custom characters" and "always load custom characters". And on server side by UT3 web admin interface rised default max (20) characters to 32. And from same web admin interface from bot tap forced load this skull models first.

    But no. Still custom bot players use default UT3 model. How I can set this model to work?

    Yes, I know there was easy way on UT2004 mutator what give funny skulls and on xmas time santa hats etc. It was easy to set up..