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Renegade-X : Mod for UT3 Engine

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    Renegade-X : Mod for UT3 Engine

    Download Renegade-X
    Download Patch 0.36
    Download Framework 3.5 (required for browser)
    Watch Video

    Command & Conquer - Renegade X

    A modification for the Unreal Tournament 3 engine.
    It creates the C&C Universe in the FPS genre.
    You battle as the Brotherhood of Nod or the Global Defense Initative on a set of excellent
    multiplayer maps Field, Horologe, Hourglass and Islands in this Beta release.

    If you are a fan of the RTS games C&C and C&C Red Alert then this is definately
    your mod.

    Jump right into action on the RenX Slaughterhouse #1 -currently the most popular
    server- by starting the Renegade-X ServerBrowser or launch the game in offline mode and
    open the console with F10 key and type:

    We are running a special PHP bot that relays ingame chat to an irc channel so if
    you want to join us then connect to and join channel #mp-renx

    You can find updates and files on
    Official homepage is

    Seeya in game

    Greetz zunnie

    Has anyone downloaded and tried it? I would like to hear your comment on it


      Is this a TC? Maybe you should put a thread in "full releases". Cheers!


        i cant get any servers in that client window.