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UT3 and Steam - download starting...

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    UT3 and Steam - download starting...

    I have a retail black box edition that I purchased not long after ut3 was released but have now transferred the game under steam (a few months back actually).

    I've been playing fine nearly every night till tonight.

    I was playing and twice my UT3 game locked up mid game (I was able to cntrl alt del and canel the ut3 application) but I then noticed that my steam client is saying 'download starting'.

    It's been like this for hours and I can't start another ut3 game as steam just responds with "too busy" grrr.

    Is there a patch being pushed out for UT3 recently via steam? i.e. in the last few days or something.

    This is killing me not being able to play UT3...


    Wouldn't you know it - as soon as I finished typing the above after trying stuff for hours, the download starting suddenly finished and the game started! Maybe it's because I didn't try and kick it off vis the steam client directly but vis the steam start menu instead? who knows - at least it's working now

    I think it's just a Steam bug that happens occasionally, I've had it affect other games before.