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    As I stated in another thread, I think the role for bots in multiplayer matches is far underestimated.
    Of course a match against only bots is less interesting than against humans. But bots can have a role as bottom feeder, so that intermediate players can make some frags and can have some success even on servers they would normally make no two steps without being fragged instantly.
    I played on some of those servers and usually the player fluctuation is not so fast there. The reason is: Everyone has fun.
    Pros may have one or two equal players they can have battles for the victory. And intermediates and noobs have no chance for victory, but make some nice frags and collect experience while not being owned by everyone.
    Well... the bots maybe they don't have fun. ;-)

    So getting the bot skill right on a server is an important thing.


      For me the biggest problem of godlike bot is: They ve awesome skill but they move as a nooby. Seriously a bot making a double jump hs u!!! What did u think if it was on a server? i m just o_O when i see it!


        I play on Inhuman, I tried godlike but that's a little to much for me at the moment.