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    Well, probably many won't agree on this because .... their eyes are sewn shut ... but what do I care ?

    Have you ever wondered why a player whom you can beat at ZERO in a duel can win a deathmatch against you .... with some other 3-4 players ? I did ...

    Have you ever wondered why every begginer/intermediate or even high end player ... uses the RL spam like it's some kind of a god made weapon ? I did ...

    Well after trying to figure out what the hell is happening with this game I've come to a major, tragic ... but realistic conclusion .... UT3 is a major luck game. PERIOD !

    Why do you ask ..... well my perfect shock combo amigo ....

    When you turn at your left for a half a second and then .... from the opposite directions suddenly 3 players appear that start spaming you RL's ... well ... something is wrong ... and it's not bad skill. Ohh ... and this hasn't happend once or twice ... no no no .... it's on the order of the day.

    The bio goo .... ooh yes ... another wonderfull spamming device ... ever wondered why a player, that notices he can't do **** against you in a duel, starts using the bio goo ?

    The shock combo ... my favourite ... I use this **** all the time because I like doing things the hard way .... but .... how the hell should I accept the fact that the combo does ZERO DAMAGE when it explodes 1 meter away from the target ??? ZERO DAMAGE for hell's sake !!! And other times at 2 meters it does .... 70 damage .... well this is a fine **** shoot. I would like someone to explain to me HOW the hell did they implement this **** ?

    I've tried all this time to find tactics and to analyse good players just to see the moves and the thinking behind those moves .... just to find out .... IT DOESN'T MATTER !!!

    When you hit someone with 2 rockets, IN THE FACE, and you do ... 20 damage !!! This is beyond irony ... it's just funny ...

    And the examples could flow for eternity ... but I'm not in the mood for it.
    The bottom line is ... it's doesn't matter how good you are ... when some schmuck comes along spamming rockets, firing in all directions even though he doesn't know where you are .... this is the real thing boys .... grab those RL's and start spamming ... get those shock rifles and start spamming ... get those bio goos and .... yes ... start spamming .... no skill, no brain work, no headaches !

    Epic gave us a game that is more close to POKER than a skillfull game ... but then, life is absurd and without meaning ... a series of uncontrolled absurd events governed by the allmighty LUCK ... so UT3 fits perfectlly.

    Or maybe ... it's just my bad luck ...

    You're just wrong. Haven't we done this before? Duel is a map control pickup timing game where you grab weapons you might not even want so the other guy can't get them. DM, you might just have crappy teammates who die a lot. Get it? The luck is a factor, but to say it is the only factor is shortsighted and false. I miss more goo balls than I hit, but I know if I hold it loaded while switching to flak, I'll be holding the flak gun as soon as I let go of the goo. If you miss, you can sometimes follow with a flak ball for the kill, that's not luck. If my opponent dodges my flak but hits my goo I missed with, that's partially luck... but not entirely. By shooting a goo ball, then having flak ready, I have increased the odds that something "lucky" will happen. Of course, my eyes are sewn shut, so what do I know? Wah!


      ur wron g. try joinin some war gmes wher real sk1ll is at u hav eto use brain unline any other game availbl today. you hav to contorl your enemy and the vehicles and you have to be aware and control. minigun si overpowered









              Someone post the poker not being luck stuff. Please.


                sounds like someone needs a nap.
                /rage quit


                  I feel like I'm going in circles over and over again and I can't escape or wake up..... help me!!!!!!!


                    Have you ever wondered why 1337 players get 50+ points in a VCTF match and why noobs get 5?! Maybe it is because noobs lack skilz!

                    Have you ever wondered why running with your eyes closed and shooting doesn't work!?!?!!!1 NO!

                    Have you ever killed a bio/rocket/stinger *****?!?2##$~??1

                    WELL IF YOU HAVEN't, THEN U SUCK. Gtfo of the forums, you're noobing them up again with your complaining.



                      Might I add, you might try turning up your volume, so you can hear those smucks coming.




                          Maybe it's a bit exaggerated to say UT3.
                          It also depends on the game mode.
                          I doubt a team can win a Warfare match only with luck.
                          So if you think DM is a luck game, then say at least "UT3 DM is a major luck game (mode)".
                          However, even that won't be true at all.

                          P.S. I must say the other thread was not closed because of the thread starter, so maybe it's fair to give him a second chance by opening this thread.



                            Lets not forget that the duel is about map & weapon control. So once you are in control, you are always at an advantage. You may have the belt + vials topping up, plus your choice of weapons, etc.

                            Duel is just like any other game type, you need to learn it to do well at it. A skilled player will pick it up quite quickly, but will always get trashed by someone who plays it a lot. Just the same for every game mode.

                            The game is luck to a degree, but there are always things you can do to minimise that bad luck - or to increase your good luck.


                              increase your luck: rocket and flak on recharge towards the node on tank