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how do you add custom characters?

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    how do you add custom characters?

    I didnt know where to put this topic. I just got Unreal Tournament 3 from Steam yesterday and I have downloaded the savior character pack from Fileplanet. I cant seem to find a site that tells you step by step. Its all very confusing so could someone tell me the simplest way to add them.

    also I have tried fooling around and I got to the point where the faction for the savior pack popped up in the characters and when I picked one of the characters, it would begin to load and then suddenly the screen would freeze and the background music would just repeat the last two secounds it was playing before freezing.

    also if anyone know how to get the GaltanorsInvasion mod working. i got it on my list of modes but when I pick a map it just keeps loading and loading...

    1. for characters extract them and put them here i beilive- E:\Documents and Settings\name\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomChars

    you may not have a CustomChars folder if not make it exactly how i just spelled it.

    2. ? no clue

    3. thats what galtanors invasion does the first time u load it. it will take like 5 mins the first time u load it but then it will not take so long the next time.


      thanks ill try that now. =D

      worked now I got my guy. =D

      Invasion wont work. I start to load a map then it turns all black and turns into a small black window and says error.


        then thats a question for the creator i guess. sorry i dont really know any more.