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    Is there more..?

    hey, i am kinda new in this forum..
    well, a long time ago a little bit after Ut3 released i bought it.. i really liked it but i stopped playing for some reason
    but i decided to come back to it, so i activated my game on steam using the guide in here
    but i feel like i lack something... i mean, i saw that there are official stuff to download like more maps and that titan thingy (do i have all of it's contents? i didnt see a new weapon character and vehicle or maps... only the gamemodes and titan mutate) so do i have to download more stuff or i already got everything and i just didnt notice? do i get all of the bonus packs or whatever when my steam updates my game?

    i know that it's a little nooby question, but it's important..

    oh yea and one more thing, what more custom mods should i download? besides UT2D and GreenHills+Mario maps, and The haunted and MapMixer and CBP3 volumes...

    is there something else? and i dont want now a list of 10000 custom maps because it doesnt really helps me >< but map map packs would be good... or atleast a few of the most popular maps because i really dont know what to download.

    Help will be appreciated

    Hi BlackSabbath and welcome to the forums

    Just make sure your game is patched to 2.1 when you start it up. Thats all you need with regard to content. Steam should have taken care of that for you. You can right-click on the game name in the Steam browser and check to be sure. Also in-game you should have options for the Betrayal and Greed gametypes, and the menu should look different, and much more usable than when you first got the game.

    Custom mods to download....depends on what you want to play. If you like Battle Team Arena, you can grab that (although thats normally an automated download on the Server you join). Check out the Make Something Unreal website for official mods and winners of the MSU contest for some quality stuff.

    Check the subforums here for more stuff as well. It really depends on your preference. I am not sure how many people are playing mods exclusively, or if the majority of players are still playing Vanilla WAR, CTF, VCTF etc.


      if u miss domination in your UT3 then you can grab it from link in my sig. There is also bombing run and jailbreak in the beta releases here.

      Welcome back BTW


        Thank you people :P
        i will check out these..
        oh and what is HOLP? is it some kind of a map pack? should i download it?

        and just to make sure... i got the bonus packs when my steam updated my game right? because i want to see what are the new weapons vehicles and chars.. because i am not sure if i even saw them


          hard core oldschool low poly nice clean maps made for good frames and playability.
          worth checking...