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    look for player counts that do not have a plus sign in front of them. or conversely a number and then a plus sign

    +6/6 = 6 bots in a six slot server
    3+3/6 =3 humans and 3 bots in a six slot server.
    6/6 six humans in a six slot server.

    as for changing your character, in campaign, it is kind of random, if it's your campaign, you will be the big dude (reaper) and if you join a campaign, you'll be another member of the ronin faction.

    to change your player for your own use in mp or instant action, go to settings>player>customise character.

    good day.

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  • started a topic Need some Info/help

    Need some Info/help

    Ive had this game since it was released. I had some issues getting it running and basically I gave up and started playing other games. It sat in my drawer and I honestly forgot about it.

    Anyways I loaded it up the other day and started playing some single player modes and had a lot of fun (new system btw). Had a couple of questions. How do you change the character you play as in game sp/mp? Im playing as some chick and wanted to change it but for the life of me cant figure out how to change it? Also Ive read some forum posts and I guess the mp is pretty much dead? Ive tried to join some mp matches and it shows people in them only to join and see a bunch of bots. Does anyone play this online anymore?

    Thanks for any help!