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UT3 League\Ladder\Tournaments? US?

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    UT3 League\Ladder\Tournaments? US?

    Does anyone know of any? I know the community is not that big, etc, but there has to be a competitive niche somewhere. I am in contact with an e-sports org looking to grab a team.. please reply with some competitive links.



      Come to #ut3pugs on


        fragged nation is where its at right now



          There are a group of people on FN ( these days. We cover a wide array of games and consoles.

          For UT3 we have ladders for War, VCTF, CTF, Greed, TDM, TAM and 1v1 DM.

          There are also several private ladders that others have started there.

          People are free to create their own clan profiles, recruit, advertise their clan, create a team or teams to compete on the different ladders.

          We just recently had a 2v2 Cash prize tournament a weekend or two ago.

          We are planning more tournaments soon.

          Also we are setting up a new live stream channel.

          This channel will show UT3 and other game matches that have been recorded by gamers. Also when we have live matches and tournament semi finals and finals we will broadcast them all live for people to watch and chat live.

          Come over and check us out.

          If you need more information, let myself know or any of the other admins there (doz, Random54, Sgt_Salsaman or Drjacobs).

          We are all gamers that help to run the ladders.

          If you dont find what you are looking for, drop us a pm or a forum post and we can set something up for you.