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Beginners Deathmatch Server -PC- North America

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    Beginners Deathmatch Server -PC- North America

    I have noticed quite alot of new players entering PC UT3 for the last several months playing on our servers. However, I also notice many of them leave in frustration because of being owned by so many experienced players that play our servers, so I am going to try an idea here.

    WMclan has changed their Atlanta based server to a "Beginners" server and will allow players up to an ELO Rating of 2000 to play there. Anyone caught with an ELO Rating over 2000 will be politely asked to leave. Offenders will be kicked or banned from that server.

    We feel that if we can provide a server for "Beginners" to learn to play, then they will find that UT3 can become an exciting game for them to Play and Stay.

    Once their skills improve, we invite them to join our other two servers, where they can find keener competition.

    We'll try this for about a month and see how many players are interested in utilizing the server.

    If you are unsure of your ELO Rating, I believe you can find it here:

    Any questions, visit us at: - Channel #War-Mongers

    Our website: contains a free irc client and a tutorial to set up your irc to join our channel

    Good Luck and HF

    good idea, hope the implementation works well, and you've got admin to do it.
    give the newer players a place to survive and hone their craft before they stumble into the wrong server and get annihilated.


      Taffy tried this less than a year ago; I was an admin... the problem was all the good players came in anyways, just for the 'fun' of destroying the newbies. We had to constantly ask people to leave and ended up banning a lot of players. Then people started to hate, and the server eventually opened to everyone.

      You will need some good administration and a lot of patience.


        Yeah, for the free weekends there was a definite need, but like shombo said the server required a lot of administering.

        It was actually kind of cool spectating and watching all of the new players get the hang of the game.

        2 weeks after the free weekends the server's attendance died off to almost nothing, so we opened it up for everyone. Didn't seem to help and the server was eventually shut down.

        Hope the server helps and good luck.


          Yay! A server I'm too good for! (barely). Can I join and get kicked off, just for my ego? I can let you know when so you don't have to keep checking. (That way you can find me, in case I just blend in!) Wah!
          *JK, I will of course pretend I don't belong there and play somewhere else. What? Wah!


            Wish there could be a mod that would not allow people above a ELO rating to join.


              server admins are going to need to watch a ton of ip's to stay on top of new alias noob killers.

              again though, best of luck and hope it helps...


                Yep, a nice script to automatically kick anyone with ELO Rating 2000 and above would be nice, however, I keep a pretty good watch over the servers, plus I have some help from within my clan.

                I suppose some upper level players could do their best to sneak in, however, they might want to buy a new UT3 DVD and get a new IP before they try it, because I have quite a large database of DM players complete with IP's, Client Hashes, and Locations.

                There was a little action on the server yesterday. I am working on informing other beginners that enter our two other servers that this "Beginners" server is now available for them to play and compete on a level equal to their own.

                Ya know, it may not work, but we are going to give it a good try.


                  You have been kicked from the server. Reason: kicked fow owning.

                  seems like a fun idea but i would consider adding an ingame message board like being discussed here

                  if you dont want to get hated by people who are unsuspected of any BANaholic admin's lurking on the servers.


                    Working on that now Vonnis, Thanks.


                      If you want to make a mutator, the object and property are at PlayerReplicationInfo.PlayerRanking, we were talking about this on the votable team shuffler thread. You could ask PacerX, I bet he could whip you up something. I suggest it have a warn, then kick notification, like anti-idle does. Good luck!


                        Good idea, I know many players are turned off from joining DM servers because of the skill level and the taunts that are frequently aimed at new players aka "n00bs".

                        However, the ELO rating is not the best indicator of a players skill level. I know many excellent and "pro" players that use aliases occasionally, myself included (the alias part not the pro part ).

                        Aliases usually have a much higher ELO rating, regardless of the players actual skill level. Just another thing to take into consideration if you are thinking of making a mod to enforce ELO rating rules. Better idea is to advertise/moderate heavily as a "Beginners" place.


                          hope this works out for you folks. Great to see people looking out for the new peeps needs


                            Thanks, it seems to be working out pretty good. I've had to ask a few to leave and kick a few stubborn players, but there is a nice group of players that have started to take advantage of the leet free atmosphere.


                              Justa quick bump since we're now in the free weekend, with some new players. There are several admins around to help keep the Atlanta server at a beginner level.