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How much I love UT3

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    How much I love UT3

    Despite what oldschool people say about it - I dont care.
    I used to have this permanent freezing problem wich I solved some time ago, but before that I was angry, blaming Epic and nVIDIA. But trough all this time when I tried to hate UT3 so I wont loose my time for it or to find solution wich seemed impossible - I couldnt hate it. I struggled for like 3 months and I did it.
    Now Im happy even though I run in to some other problems wich seem to be nothing compared to the freezing problem. Anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

    My conclusion is - no matter how bad it was I couldnt stop loving this game. Cant hate it either - no matter how hard I tried

    Thanks Epic

    It's an awesome game, when I show people it running they still drool lol, bad timing I guess in terms of release


      yeah no matter how bad it was...i just havent seen anything better for now (the balance moove, visuals, aiming and longevity...)

      and the other games have all something fraqd too:
      -cod series are too expensive and totally uncolored and uncontrasted (sad colors )
      -crysis aiming system is so weird and it eat so much ressource

      woohoo!... that was so good to write some s**** on....other games ...muhahaha


        I thought about buying this game for the 360. How does it play? I've watched trailers and all that but they can only tell you so much. Does it have a campaign mode also?