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    Originally posted by UnrealGrrl View Post
    but hey, if the guy can market this, at least he can buy some pants and stop living in a garage
    lol, what a keen observer of detail... I had to go back and see for myself that he did indeed appear to be living in a garage, and seemed to be wearing boxer shorts for his big YouTube appearance...

    or i would trip over the **** power cord while dodging...
    Don't worry; dodging isn't controlled by your movement, only mouse aim is


      it's a neat idea for some playing around, but not for actually playing a game like UT3 ... first because with your arms you can't move that fast and second because you'd get dizzy after a short while from all the movement...

      it might be an option for "calm" horror zombie games such as resident evil for example, but not for fast shooters.