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Starting a: Tower Defense Mod

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    Starting a: Tower Defense Mod

    Some buddies from school asked me to join a mod team and we're thinking about what we may want to make for UT3 and so far we're going with a tower defense type mod. But we want to keep it very much FPS! In fact if i had to guess i'd say 50% of your damage would still come from the UT3 guns, and towers would be more utility, but it would be up to your play style of course. But enough blathering.

    What would you guys want to see in a Tower defense mod? How important would co op be to you? Would you want to focus on building stuff, or would you rather upgrade your weapons?

    Any advice/ suggestions are appreciated, we're really in the idea phase right now, so the more off the wall, the better. Lets get some ideas out there!

    Face with turrets! Wah!