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    Steam Discount ?

    Hi there,

    I'm a huge fan of UT2004 (LAN), and now I wanted to buy UT3 for some LAN with friends XD

    But, when I see the price on Steam, it's like WTF O_o ?
    20€ on Steam and 15€ in gameshops ...

    Actually, I would rather buy from Steam (easier for the installation and everything ...) than gameshops, but when will the price go down to at least 15€ ? (I heard of a new Community Pack 4 comming out soon, but will there be some kind of special promotion with it ?)


    dude CBP4 is out and your missing out. Just pony up the cash
    [EDIT] Not to mention HOLP 3 is due in about 4 days


      Yes but I also want to buy Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead 2 ... And my pocket money is not that big ! (Cause I already spent a few thousand in my laptop MSI GT729 and in my desktop with 3D nVidia ...)

      Oh CBP4 is already out ?
      But no discount yet ...
      Hmmmm .... So should I wait ?

      By the way, does UT3 works well with the nVidia 3D ?


        im not sure about that card mate im sorry my lappy is a 2007 xps maxed out, but it only has a 512MB 7950GTX in it. It however runs UT3 reasonably well, for casual play. It would be no good as a competitive machine onlie though lol. If thats an onboard gfx rather than a seperate GPU, you are most likely going to have issues and i would change your order. Unless theres been drastic improvements thats i certainly may not be aware of
        [EDIT] My lappy specs if it helps
        C2D@2.33GHz CPU- 4GB Ram- 512MB nVidia 7950GTX- winxp32

        It also has the 7200rpm drive which was an upgrade in those days, dunno about now. standard was only about 4500rpm

        There is a website you can check your system and it will tell u but i dont know where it is to link you im sorry

        As far as waiting goes i think the last time did a discount was for the free trial weekends and that was a long time ago, so may not be worth waiting


          Personally id prefer the hard copy anyhow so save that money and get that. You can still register it on steam and have the best of both worlds



            Oh I never heard of this trick !

            Thanks mate !

            Then I will be buying the hard copy !


              I just distrust steam's authentication thing ...

              Um, the CBP is AFAIK not even sort of related to Epic in any way, so I don't think Epic's going to co-ordinate anything with their release, which is I think yesterday? (Was odd, I thought I read "three weeks" yesterday morning and then it just came out )


                lol as if "3 weeks" it was bound to come out in time for msu4 star weaver

                My pleasure BabyAzerty welcome to the community


                  Hm, I hadn't been paying any attention to MSU, heh.


                    ^_^ I will go and check if the nearest reseller got a copy, otherwise I will need to wait one or two weeks ...


                      hey BabyAzerty if ya still worried about how it will run try this thing out


                      I think you may have to have the game installed though, so maybe you could get the beta demo. Its not really a very good idea of the game its improved a long way from there, but it will give you a ballpark idea of how it will run on ya ****. I would expect your 2.1 version will run a bit smoother when you get it.....

                      Note the beta demo, dont let it scare ya too much lol


                        Great news, I bought it 9.99€ at the local gameshop (in France) !

                        But I wonder about something : Can I "Activate a product on Steam" than enter my CD Key for UT3 than automatically download UT3 from Steam ??

                        I'm not really in a hurry, and I can wait one entire night for the game to be downloaded via Steam.

                        (Besides, it worked well when I tried a free trial weekend of UT3 ^^)

                        EDIT : Nevermind that, I manage to fully install it via Steam ^^ I will be trying it at my return !


                          sweet babyazerty if ya in france have a look at BFG clan theyre french based. I believe you can download it off steam, the guide is just a way to save downloading all that data, if you dont want to


                            Finally !

                            Ok, I installed everything with Steam
                            And I even tried out The Haunted mod (love it !) and Defend Unreal Territories

                            It's not really like UT2004 (no jumping wall thing and much more mecha stuff)
                            But should be very nice for LAN
                            I'm not disappointed at all (for 10€, you can't be disappointed can you ?)

                            I'm being greatly Dominated on CTF Suspens ... -_-"

                            Runs smoothly !

                            Thxs a lot FragTastic !
                            Cya IG ^^


                              MP babyazerty Ill have to check out the haunted im a bit low on download bandwidth atm, theres so much cool stuff out atm