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hi! :D

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    hi! :D

    ammm hi, welll
    .... i'm just posting because i thougt something
    why in the UT '99 the music is soo GOOD!!!!!
    and why in ut 2003, 2004 and UT3 the music is a little bit bored??
    it's is just an opinion if any1 want to replicateme plz doit! its a
    debut that i had for a very log time! xD hahaha
    if someone think like me just tellme its a good thread or maybe not? xD

    ooo!! and! plzz IF SOMEONDE knows where i can get the OST of UT '99 PLZ tellme!!!!!!!
    i love all of these songs like morpheous or razorback


    (sorry about the english!)

    I like music in UT99, the music make you want to fight, the music in UT2004 is good ,but it just music ,nothing about the fight, the music in UT3 is sh**


      UT3 music is good, but doesn't really pump me up as the music in UT1 and UT2 did.


        I thought it was good that UT3 menu music was a remake of the classic UT.

        Generally music off for me though. I need to hear those Mantas!