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UT3 is a major LUCK game

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    Originally posted by ReverendCrow View Post
    r4du1234 yes i have tested it i get bored enough with some of the duelers i give myself a challenge duel is not just about timing everything and surprise attacks..and you guys are pathetic just cause i dont feel like using punctuation its apparently the most difficult thing to read .these.letters.a.word.if.this.doesn' get.your.eyes.checked.

    can't believe you guys ***** about me being lazy to use punctuation you should slap your own ****in self if you use a remote for your tv
    1)dude, beating the **** out of 2 or 3 of your neighbours doesn't mean u tested it. go get yourself a couple of holes in places you didn't even know you have, in a non-duel public server a couple of times, then you can barely say you tried to test it.

    i don't deny there are duelers better than dm-ers or w/e(if the skills and experiences are totally different), i'm stating that being a god in duel won't make you near pro anywhere else, and vice-vercea.

    2)not using puctuation and using the tv are as different as duel and everything else. and it seems you fail to make the difference even here. you use the remote for your confort, it does not affect the others, while, when writting something on a forum, you do it so that other ppl can read/understand it. It's in YOUR interest to make your post as readable as possible, not in ours. we don't give a **** you don't feel like using punctuation, if you want to express your oppinion, then do it in a good way for us to understand it, or Show The Forum Understanding

    3)you're the one that should get his head checked. i fail to see how someone that writes at his interests: "ur mom" and tries to impose(or at least express) an oppinion while doing it in a non-understandable way because he doesn't feel like it (not even because he can't, or doesn't know how) can not fail at everything else...including ut3.


      i r g0d everywher !!?- :
      Ya N o.p unc,tuatI0.n ;(
      tak!!e it!!F YEA


        It's a matter of 'luck' that the mods don't check in this thread very often..