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Help with facing bug.

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    Help with facing bug.

    So, this is difficult to search (on google or any forum), so I'm asking for help here in case some of you have this issue on UT3 for PC. I'm running black patch and playing on public servers.

    PC basics:
    Vista x64
    Q9550 (stock and OC 3.4, no difference)
    GTX280 (WHQL
    X-fi Platinum
    Intel X25-M SSD

    I've tried 5-6 different driver versions, no avail (video).

    Ever since I started playing UT3, what 2 years ago now, whenever i finish a map where there is a screener at the end (CTF/etc), I've noticed the direction my character if facing in the 'end round still shot' is not the same as my crosshair facing from first person perspective. This did not bother me.

    What does bother me, is now apparently, randomly this occurs in game for other players. IE, they are facing one direction and react and shoot as if facing another direction. IE, their gun is pointing 90 degrees to my left and their projectiles appear from the side facing me and come straight towards me.. sometimes they 'instantly' turn to face me, sometimes not.

    Before you say it, this is not bot activity or lag activity. I've tested on many servers and locally, it's some kind of bug in the game engine.. and it appears to be related to the issue I noticed in the switch from first person perspective and third person perspective at the end of match still shots mentioned above (the effect is virtually identical).

    It is as if the player controlling the character's perspective and the perspective of the rendered model are out of sync. It reminds me of the original Wing Commander game back in the day (if any of you played that) in the pre 3D days, when they would use 2D images to represent things and it would switch suddenly from a profile to a head-on view as you crossed the 45 degree axis. It's not that dramatic, but it's similar effect.

    What this means, is good lucky predicting player behavior and good luck dodging rox.. becuase you can't guess where the shots are going because the visual cues are not reliable (in fact, misleading).

    Has ANYONE seen this? Noone in game (among fairly leet playerbase) has noticed this bug. I can't find any mention of it on the forums/etc. I would *LOVE* to know what's causing it.


    I've seen this, at the end of Warfare games when you see yourself in 3rd person at the core , often your back is to the core, yet the match ended when you fired the last shot, head on directly at it.

    It's probably just lag and packet loss. Whether this game's netcode is good or bad I don't have the knowledge to comment on.


      The end-game screenshot rotation is a known bug. Sometimes, you even see the character rotate.

      I've never seen this happen in-game, other than with bots "snapping" to players (i.e. turning 90 degrees in an instant and locking on to someone).


        Never seen this happen in game... at the end of the match, but not during a fight.

        Also, drivers would have nothing to do with this. How the character is rendered onscreen is controlled by the game's engine, so it isn't logical that this you're seeing this when other people aren't. Tbh, I think you might be imagining things.


          I don't see it as much as I used too, but I see it yes.

          I think I have a demo of me doing it.

          edit; nevermind, I deleted that demo


            Yeah i see it to, happens every once in a while while playing, it sucks but ehh I deal with it best as i can.


              I've never seen it, but that doesn't mean you're imagining things. I've seen it at the end game, and I know what Rhykker means about bots (and some players ) snapping to face and shoot. Cheers!