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do you play multiple gametypes?

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    Originally posted by rek View Post
    more beer?
    I'm all for that!!!

    Nah, I normally play VCTF, but I do occasionally play TDM, DM, FreezeTag, Warfare, Greed, Dual and Invasion.

    I'm normally on a Ventrillo, so whenever someone starts talking trash, I ask them to take it over to the Duel server... It's an easy way to settle disputes...

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  • started a topic do you play multiple gametypes?

    do you play multiple gametypes?

    i've kind of been wondering if people,(at least those who read around these parts...) play generally one game type online, or do they kinda bounce around between them. i sort of have differnet player nicknames for different gametupes, but the alcohol ruined that also.

    because, lately, i've been playing a few matches of differnent game types before i 'settle in' and play vctf for a while. and the reason i ask, is because i really don't see the names i see in other gametypes over in my neck of the woods so to speak.

    can there be some cross pollination betwixt us all?

    server admins, all gametypes, more mixers and the such?

    clanbase vs FN tournament ladders for global domination?

    more beer?