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$250 cash UT3 tournament, come out and play!

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    I would join but there is not enough geronaho to make a team


      Originally posted by bclagge View Post
      That's because there's not really many active vCTF clans. I don't know where the Warfare people were when the voting was going on, but you probably could have done better with a Warfare tournie instead of VCTF for the carz people.

      The warfare people made a good faith effort in the original poll, but the vctf was a compromise vote... people on the fn thread were very vocal that they would play vctf. Initial polls, TDM beat VCTF by 2 votes, 31-33. Team size poll, 6v6 won by a landslide, 17 votes, which was EXTREMELY curious given how many people voted TDM, and insisted 2v2/ws off/no spawn protection was the only way to play competitive TDM. Also, the original votes were for a single tourney. I spoke out at the time, but I was almost the only one, and it degenerated into me against everybody else. FN later made the decision to split it into two tourneys as a compromise, and to promote thier site and ladders to everyone. You can read the original threads... well, they might have been edited a bit


        Only one more day left to signup for the TDM 2v2 tourney, get in there! We have some great players/teams signed up already, so this will be a great chance for you l33t players to show off your skillz.

        Again, buy-in is ONLY $5, and first place will win at LEAST $150 cash!!! The more people that enter, the more you can win!