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Decent gameplay (play fair)

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    Decent gameplay (play fair)

    What do you prefer fairplay or newbie farming? And why do you play that way?


    If I know that my team is gonna lose I try to capture flags myself, but if the team is stacked I just farm awards.

    Dirty, I suppose


      Chose both, sometimes I feel like doing stuff, sometimes I don't. But I never just do it to rack up kills, i try to actively help my team win, yes I might be in a vehicle getting kills, but it still is helping my team succeed in the match. Though it pends on the gametype, Warfare I am about doing stuff all the time, that gametype isn't the same as VCTF or CTF, where you can sit back and defend (Which by the way is still helping your team succeed) the base and rack up points.


        I voted all of them (because I can and they are awful choices)

        I don't see the connection between "Decent Gameplay"and "playing fair".
        I view gameplay as the way you move, shoot, and pickups.
        As long as its not a cheat or using exploits I view it as playing fair.

        What is Fairplay? other than a DRM for itunes :P

        Stats are worthless, but killing newbs is fun. There is no long term gain it seems calling it "farming" is inappropriate.


          Sorry i left myself out:

          I try to play fair all the time, if teams are unbalanced i swap right away (unless i just farmed powerups).

          Never i camp or such... not because i try to be nice to others but just because i enjoy the action in this game. Sitting still in a corner (next to flag or such) makes me feel like i better go back to play CS or something.

          Repairs i try to do always... but too many people play so dirty i hardly find someone who is really in need for it. I love to help a tank rusher with repairs (it owns, loads of fun).

          Spawnkill or other stat padding practises i never do never done. Maybe thats why people never call me leet (jk).

          Too many games i seen die out because of cheaters, low moral players and stat padders. It could be me... (i vote 1 only)


            Well the thing is, the way you put it is just because someone is good at the game they shouldn't hang out in the one server they ping well to because newer player play there? I mean if there is only one server to play on, where do you want the players who are good to play? And maybe they are not farming players as you say, but they are good so they will kill less skilled players, why should they dumb down their play so someone who just bought the game can feel good about themselves.

            I consider myself to be ok at this game, and when I first started playing, from day one I sucked really really bad. At one point (I know stats don't matter, but I'm only throwing them out to show how bad I was) I had 10K kills and 40K deaths. So I was really bad at the game. I got farmed as you call it by the better players, but I kept coming back and learning, wanting to become better than them. Now that I consider myself ok at this game, why should i dumb down my play that i worked so hard to earn? If there was more players this wouldn't be a problem, good players would play on the good servers, new ones on the new servers, but since the player counts are so low it has forced the good players to start playing in the new player servers due to there not being anywhere else to play.

            I used to be the first guy to switch teams to make them even, and I'll still do it now occasionally, but I figure I shouldn't always be the one that has to do it.


              On the pubs I seem to focus on enjoying the game ;P


                Originally posted by Oldskool0482 View Post
                But I never just do it to rack up kills
                Thats what i respect, never doing it that low JUST FOR THE KILLS.

                Originally posted by demoniac View Post
                On the pubs I seem to focus on enjoying the game ;P
                LOL... kinda my point too. Me personally cannot enjoy killing a newbie... others might not care about it.

                And having a good ping... well there are bounderies of course. U gotto be insane to think that if u have a good ping u gotto exit. Try reading between the lines less.

                (actually the farming term i picked up from the previous thread, it might not be the good word for this sorry)



                  If your ping comment was to me, I didn't mean if i have good ping i have to leave, i meant that what if there was one server with people in it that I ping well to. I'm not going to go play with over 200 ping, so if there was only one server to play in I would play there regardless if there is new players there or not.


                    I mostly play fair... If we cap and i see the other team isn't doing any good i just play DM and don't think of capping unless they get good players and start to attack more.

                    And when i'm in a good mood i just give free kills to newbies so they start to feel way better


                      I always try to play fair, because thats the only thing I find fun. Games have to be a challenge... newbie bashing is just dull!

                      If I'm on a team thats winning easily I'll always try to swap, even if I know I can expect to die a lot more and most likely lose the map.

                      The only time I stay on an unbalanced side is when 1 team is full of lamers and I feel they deserve to be punished

                      Usually, if the game is really being dominated, I'll just leave. e.g. after getting a 40-0 in a DM game I will try to find another server.


                        i dont take the game online much anymore, but when i did, i had no preference so i signed both because i dont know if i was killing noobs or vets, and to be honnest it really shouldn't matter, if theres a guy there shootin at ya, well, ya shoot back, you dont care who that person is, if their on the other team, then its fair game, its upto noobs and players alike to play as a team and move around a map as a team unless its a FFA DM, and thats just fair game anyway.

                        I dont really see how someone can "farm" noob players, but i signed both in the poll.


                          It is strange to see in here most play fair... online in the game it seems most 'high profile players' play low and are hell not ashamed of it. More so they act like its PRO...

                          /me is back into the game


                            Originally posted by PR0V0 View Post
                            It is strange to see in here most play fair... online in the game it seems most 'high profile players' play low and are hell not ashamed of it. More so they act like its PRO...

                            /me is back into the game
                            Please bless us all with your definition of how to play low, better yet what are your fair rules?


                              Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
                              Please bless us all with your definition of how to play low, better yet what are your fair rules?
                              Pfew... funny sarcastic question...

                              I think u know exactly what we are talking about here. I cannot bless you sorry you really have to do that yourself... u'll be proud afterwards.

                              But to give a glimpse, in case u really do not have a clue:
                              Rules applying to all Unreal games.
                              Show respect for your fellow players. Promote fair and friendly play.
                              Don't unbalance teams, or team in non-team games.
                              Don't portal camp, lift camp, teamkill, abuse bugs, suicide in team games or deliberately spawnkill.
                              Do not use religious, racist or abusive nicks or language and keep swearing to a minimum. Try not to be too easily offended.
                              NO cheating. You'll be banned for life and your IP and other information publicised on IRC, these forums and our websites. We also share cheater information with other admins and will ban you if found cheating elsewhere too. Zero tolerance for cheats.
                              Please don't advertise, tell other players to leave, kickvote or call an admin without good reason or get in a flame war on our servers. This extends to political attacks and ranting. That's just rude. Also, don't persist in calling other players cheaters without proof - if you suspect somebody of cheating, call an admin.
                              The newbie server is ONLY for players new to the game. If you're winning too easily, move up to the open servers.

                              If you need an admin at any time, say '!admin' in-game or come to #mpukunreal on Quakenet and do the same.

                              UT3 Specific rules:
                              Exploiting of any kind is not allowed. (Including vehicle exploits)
                              Camping is allowed anywhere on the map except spawn locations.
                              Sitting on the flag with a vehicle in VCTF maps is not allowed.


                              This is the MULTIPLAY rule book. I hardly seen anybody there disagree with it. What do u not agree with in this all? And are you proud of it? I never seen you in there... why is that?