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    Originally posted by PR0V0 View Post
    P.s. catalyst driver version? did u already update it once? Did it make any difference?
    Nope, no solution yet AFAIK.

    And it's happening whenever I play DM, TDM, vCTF-Sandstorm and some CTF maps.

    Can someone please confirm if it's an ATi card issue?


      I used to get either blue screens or just entire system freezes (only "fixable" with a hard reset of the computer). But it was the nvidia forceware drivers. They went up to the 180's and the crashing subsided quite radically for me (not entirely though). I recently did a system wipe and reinstall and got the latest forceware drivers for my OS and card (191.07) on the system and low and behold the system crashes are back again with a vengeance.

      So I'd say it isn't ATI specific. I'd say it is in fact just ATI and Nivida releasing **** drivers like they always do. They'll eventually get it right, release a set that works with the game and the crashing will subside or go completely. Then they'll release a new version much later that completely reverses the effects. This is why you should never update your graphics drivers unless you have a problem in the first place. In other words; when you find those drivers that gives you the happy medium you're looking for, stick to them like glue.


        It is a very know problem for ATI. The only temporaly solution(and probably the only one) is to turn off vsync in catalyst control panel, and in videogame options.
        Long time ago devs said that they are "workin on it", but the fix never came unfortunately, becase the game was financial flop.(irony, its a great game, for me best in unreal universe).