When you use a red and blue marker for yyour thread, you are telling people that it is compatable with PS3 as well as PC. Please abide by this. I'm tired of going through16 pages of a thread looking for a mythical PS3 link that isn't there. If you don't wanna do PS3 versions that's fine... your work... your right, but use the all blue marker... that's what it means, PC only. Put the blue marker and evryone knows up front that "PS3 can suck it".
Learn how the forum works and stop leading people on page after page because you either couldn't be bothered to learn how the forumm works or your deliberately trying to be a jerk. You know, I doubt any one is doing it to be a jerk, that's why I get ****** when autor gets mad at someone asking for PS3 cook or just ignores the requests altogether (+ love that one)..meanwhile his post had a red and blue and he gets mad that we ask for the red!