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    I wanted to make a website but I'm not sure what website builder I want to have. Is there any really good free ones out there? Any suggestions on some of them?


    Learn HTML/CSS and notepad it. As for a proper package i don't know any free ones :E

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      Plenty of free ones out there on but no good wysiwyg ones i know about. If i was u i would try several trail versions and make ur choice after a few months or so.

      Dont forget you can also use word programs like ANGEL WRITER and such to save as html! (no frames though) its free and super fast... u can use it for loads of things.

      Have fun and suc6!


        well for wysiwyg I would maybe recommend the coffee cup software because it is free. html is a very simple code base, as you will see once you get up and running. This editor works with frames, tables and forms etc. pretty much all the basics.

        look for: The Free HTML Editor 9.1

        there are a lot of other useful freebies there if you are inclined as well.

        good luck m8,



          I was thining coffeecup also.. but i didnt know it has a free version now! Sweet... coffeecup owns.. it has loads of code/libs for u to play with!


            I find Coffeecup Visual Site Designer to be the easiest to use WYSIWYG website program, but its isn't free, but it is reasonable.


              Originally posted by Warped_Out View Post
              I find Coffeecup Visual Site Designer to be the easiest to use WYSIWYG website program, but its isn't free, but it is reasonable.
              yes your right about it having to be paid for. I see their free version is not wysiwyg it is more or less a text editor with html keywords. there is a free 30 day trial with the wysiwyg editor though wysiwyg is not necessarily the proper way to learn html anyway. I believe it helps somewhat personally as long as you are paying attention to the code it would generate.

              Maybe another method, the coffeecup software would still work for this although notepad++ or context would be just as usable. both of which are text editors and free of charge. So I recommend downloading one of these text editors and starting out with html / css. css these days is being used for almost all web design. Including html, php and cms so that being said css is a simple learn maybe a day and you will have the basics of it down. From there you will have a pretty good understanding of how sites work and if there is a problem where to go in your code to fix it.

              Then going here and making the website in this tutorial as it is a good place to start.


              this tutorial takes about 4-6 hours maybe for a noobie and will teach the basics of html and css.

              Viel Gl├╝ck