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Program For Backing Up Saved Games And Settings

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    Program For Backing Up Saved Games And Settings

    I've been working on a program that can automatically back up and restore save games and settings called MASGAU. Unreal Gold, Unreal 2, and Unreal Tournament 2004 are supported for disc-based installs, and Unreal Tournament 3 is supported using disc or Steam. More information is available at and I would greatly appreciate testing feedback. Since there is no universal way to detect a save game each game has to be manually configured, so information on games not on the supported list would be very helpful.

    I just posted v.0.2 of MASGAU to
    Changes include:
    • Bug Fixes!
      The ability to detect games through registry keys and start menu shortcuts!
      Support for mods!
      More progress bars!
      A logo!
      8 new supported games!
      Updated definitions for most of the already supported games!

    Once again it would be quite helpful if you submitted save information for any game that isn't marked with a Yes or an Untested on the supported games list on the web site. Confirming Untested games using the program would also be helpful.


      This week sees the release of v.0.3 of MASGAU. New features this time around include:

      Respect for system permissions with an All Users mode for admins and a Single User Mode for everyone!
      Ability to backup up PS1-3 and PSP saves stored on a flash drive or PSP!
      Date check while backing up! No more wasting time compressing files that've already been archived!
      The ability to override the date check!
      Tweaks galore!
      24 added Windows games!
      14 added PS1 games!
      57 added PS2 games, including Unreal Tournament!
      33 added PS3 games, including Unreal Tournament III!
      16 added PSP games!

      Download is as usual available from


        Release time! Today brings with it the release of version 0.4! HIGHLIGHTS!

        A real-time monitor that watches for new and updated saves AS THEY ARE MADE!
        The ability to create custom archives that only contain files you specify! Perfect for sending just one save to a friend or uploading saves to a save sharing site or forum!
        The ability to exclude games! Feel the loneliness!
        The ability to create multiple backups over a period of time!
        Only 4 new games! Come on people I need more information!
        Bug fixes! Less crashes!

        As usual more info and downloads can be found at the poorly addressed


          0.5 today. The rundown:

          New MASGAU Analyzer for generating reports on save games that can then be submitted by e-mail.
          NSIS-based installer instead of MSI installer. Makes everyone's life easier.
          Installer can now install .NET and 7-zip if necessary (after asking, of course).
          5 more supported games.

          Not much, I'm mostly focusing on fixing bugs these days. If anyone has any ideas for new functionality, I'd love to hear them.


            0.6 kicked the me in the face yesterday, so I threw it out into the wild.

            New relative path! %SAVEDGAMES%!
            Games that don't keep their saves in the install folder no longer require detection!
            MASGAU no longer uses the archive's name to determine what game it is for, so you can name and rename any new archives whatever you want (as long as it ends with .gb7)!
            So many bug fixes! SO many!
            22 new games, including the Unreal-powered Batman: Arkham Asylum!

            According to Sourceforge's super-broken download counter, MASGAU recently hit 1,000 total downloads. I did a little dance at work yesterday to celebrate. You should too!

            I would also like to remind everyone that MASGAU now has a save game analyzer that can be used to generate reports to e-mail to me. This way you can contribute information without ever needing to open an XML file! I'm running super-low on games that I can get my hands on, so if MASGAU is going to continue to support more titles I'm going to need more info. To those who have already contributed information, thanks for the help! It's much appreciated!


              Erhm, maybe you should post this in the Maps&Mods section of this forum?
              Besides that, great work allthough I won't use your program


                0.7! Released!

                Loads of interface polishing!
                Ability to back up G4W user data (necessary for restoring saves for Arkham)!
                So many crash fixes it boggles the mind!
                Superficial Windows 7 integration!
                42 new games!

                Feature wise there's not much new. This release is mostly focusing on interface and stability. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed save information for this release, without you this'd be the least impressive release yet.

                Originally posted by Froooooom View Post
                Erhm, maybe you should post this in the Maps&Mods section of this forum?
                Besides that, great work allthough I won't use your program
                I don't think this would really count for that section, as it's neither a map nor a mod. Thanks for the encouragement though.


                  It came to my attention earlier today a pattern between using MASGAU in All Users mode and my brother's account logging in with a temp account. Turns out MASGAU hasn't been releasing each user's registry hive after scanning them for path information, resulting in the system being unable to log into the account until the system was rebooted. I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but it's resolved now. I posted a 0.7.1 release to the that contains a fix for the problem. I'd like to emphasize that this is a non-destructive problem, but it may give the impression that an account has become corrupted when it has not. I apologize to anyone whom this bug may have inconvenienced.