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UT3 AA Off XBOX/PS3 I found a way!!!

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    UT3 AA Off XBOX/PS3 I found a way!!!

    Ok me and some friends were talking yesterday and we pretty much created a way to play 1 vs 1 with auto aim off.

    1. Host a private TDM 60mins , with the max frag at 10
    2. Add the mutates friendly fire and weapon stay off
    3. invite friends to the match and create a party chat
    4. One red vs one other red blue spectates and is the virtual bench.
    5.setup who is going first,next,last with the party chat
    6. FIGHT !!!!!

    yes when shooting a teammate with FF on the hit boxes are like UC1 AA Off !!!

    there are a few side affects tho..

    1. All damage only does 50% dmg "some may like this, others wont"
    2. Link Secondary does not work , rocks wont lock on , but every other weapon is perfect.
    3. Your players will have to keep track of the scoreboard mentally.

    A huge bonus is also being able to go through multiple dual rounds without having the server reload and having blue side be a good way to spectate on call , also for those survival fans yes it works there too.