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If FraggedNation opened a 1v1 Euro Season would you join?

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    If FraggedNation opened a 1v1 Euro Season would you join?

    With the success of the FraggedNation UT3 1v1 Duel Season 1 league (over 200 matches in less that 3 months=over 2 games per day) would there be any interest in a Euro League? Currently Season 1 is mostly US players with a handful of US servers and Fragzone Duel London as the UK server bridging the gap between US and Euro players. However, many Euro players haven't joined because of scheduling conflicts and many Euro players do not want to play on US servers.

    With Season 1 coming to an end with the playoffs starting next week, Season 2 is coming up around the corner. This poll is to see how many Euro players would join if we added a Euro League?

    Also, we currently would only have Fragzone Duel London as official server, is there anyone else who would donate their server for the league? We would really like a server in Germany.

    For those of you not familiar with our league, we play a 3 month season ladder, then we break you down in divisions at the end of the season matching you with people of similar skill based on ELO rating and then you play in a tournament/playoffs for trophies. At the end of the season, we wipe out all players and you have to rejoin for season 2 that way we only have active players on the ladder.

    As i said on FN i'm in