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a epic duel epic vs Community ?

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    *tip for Flak on Warfare:

    Support roles are important in WAR too. If you are good at DM just get near an important node and kill any enemy that comes your way Maybe bind a key for avril so you can quickly switch if an enemy vehicle comes around.

    My play style is more along the sniper/camper role. I just find a nice spot with my hellbender second seat or sniper rifle and pick people off from a distance as they approach the node I am covering. This usually results in them seeking revenge which is when I switch to avril and kill their vehicle. The enemy usually jumps out, then its DM time....


      Hopefully EPIC will finally get to experience the 'Titan' Goodness/Badness first hand.

      TITAN: "Di5 1s B3S5 G4m3 3vaR!!!1!! *Smash Smash Smash* D33t de d333333eEEe!!1!!1! Winz0r! 1 H4s m0R3 sk1ll d1n u'z!!11!!! LULz!11!"


        I don't know how anyone missed it but there was an Epic vs BU staff night at FragBU. We played Greed and Warfare for hours. Epic didn't do the greatest in Greed but they did much better in War since our team (Beyond Unreal) didn't really know what we were doing and they seem to like it more than DM based gametypes. It was fun as hell though and I really hope that we can do a DM/CTF event soon.


          The OP is so incoherent he's giving everyone a head...

          A headache, sorry :P