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Custom characters don't work inside of custom map!

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    Custom characters don't work inside of custom map!

    I created two custom characters and imported them into unreal from 3ds max, worked fine inside of unreal levels until I published my custom map. Since then I cant even load my characters in the customize characters screen not alone play them in game anymore. My custom map works fine now, but my custom characters (and the rest of the Iron Guard family as thats where I've assigned my characters) cause UT to crash if I try to play as them or view them in the customize character screen. Other characters outside of the IRNM family work fine in the level and its only after I add my own characters to the custom_char.ini file that IRNM family characters crash UT.

    Heres my code for the UTcustomchar.ini file, as I said before it worked fine before i added my custom map to the game!

    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName=" head",PartID="ZA",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Torso,ObjectName="Final_gang.tors ofixed1",PartID="ZA",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Arms,ObjectName="Final_gang.armsf ixed1",PartID="ZA",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Thighs,ObjectName="Final_gang.fin althighs",PartID="ZA",FamilyID="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Boots,ObjectName="Final_gang.fina lboots",PartID="ZA",FamilyID="IRNM")

    Characters=(CharName="GangLeaderFinal",Description ="<Strings:UTGameUI.CharLocData.Cain_Description>" ,CharID="ZA",bLocked="false",Faction="Ironguard",P reviewImageMarkup="<Images:UI_Portrait.Character.U I_Portrait_Character_Ironguard_Male_Head02>",CharD ata=(FamilyID="IRNM",HeadID="ZA",FacemaskID="ZA",T orsoID="ZA",ShoPadID="ZA",bHasLeftShoPad=false,bHa sRightShoPad=false,ArmsID="ZA",ThighsID="ZA",Boots ID="ZA"))

    Can anyone out there help me? I have 12 days left until my final major hand-in, help!! Any suggestions are welcome, thanks

    this should go into the other threads for tech help my friend.....