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    After ut2k4 I was hoping that the stats where going be Big part of UT3. I wish there was a Battlefield 2 career stats system give players medels and awards! Epic Have something like that in UT4!


      No I do not care.


        Originally posted by danimal' View Post
        Quoted for truth, but it's even worse than that. The system has a nasty feedback mechanism where its' flaws get amplified. It thinks player1 is the best (and he's not for the above reasons and more), but then it thinks player2 is also really good because he does well against player1. And the system spreads out from there creating a list of people it considers best all based on a few initial incorrect assumptions.

        And I'm not trashing it because I elo low, I'm trashing it precisely because it gave me a super HIGH elo; but for ALL the wrong reasons. When I played matches and pugs against very good CTFrs and DMrs early in UT, it would normally rank me somewhere in top50. Later, when those scenes died and I first started playing Warfare on UMG, within a few weeks it gave me the #1 spot. Despite being a worse player than before (laggier in war, was newer to the gametype etc), it thought - because it incorrectly assigned high elo rankings to war players on UMG - that I was super awesome because I could kill those guys. Nevermind that I previously played much harder opponents in other gametypes, played those other gametypes better, etc.

        Once I branched back out into more familiar gametypes to me (CTF/DM), it tanked my elo and ranking. Ranking is completely and utterly worthless.

        Stats are mildly interesting but should be taken with a huge grain of salt. When I played defense in CTF, the traditional "competitive" setup is to have 2 people on defense, 3 on offense. So I regularly played at best 2v3, often 1v2 or 1v3 against very good players. Keeping above 1:1 kill/death is tough there. If I try to "maximize" kill:death in say warfare (I've tried for fun), I get something ridiculous like 15:1 to 10:1. As people mentioned, it's mostly interesting to see how much of which weapon you use.


        I played almost all WAR and VCTF and was ranked between 80 and 50 in any given week. Since I now play more TDM, and DM and since my DM skill are terrible I now rank in the mid 200's.

        So TRUE 1v1 ELO is probably lower but team based vehicle games ELO is much higher.


          I don't care. mainly because i know i suck at the game


            The only real use I have of it is a good laugh every now and then cuz it reveals too well how many hrs I've put into the game. I get those "get-a-life" moments when seeing numbers such as ~150.000 kills, ~4.000.000 core damage, 150+ Massacre & Monster kills etc.

            Also it's not very useful to check if u get better, cuz I only keep going backwards in rank altho I play at least as good as before, at one point I was ranked #2 though when the game had just been released and all the top ranked players played on UMG US server but then I've moved on to europe servers the rank slowly started going backwards, dunno what I'm today but prolly some 10.000+. In order to get higher rank u just have to find guys with higher rank and it would be boring to always only play when high ranked ppl are on. : Even if you get Massacre on foot in DM against newbies, your rank still goes down.

            I prefer playing to have fun (and to win :P) and don't have the slightest interest in trying to improve some certain stat or anything. I often sacrifise myself for the orb in Warfare even if I know I'll last 3 secs holding it, it might be 3 secs enough for enemy prime or whatever to go down first!


              just fyi, i looked at the ut3 code and the system doesn't care how many sprees you go on or who you kill, if your team wins or not, and etc. as generally stated earlier in this thread, it's just your score. at end of game it gathers each player id and score and sends to server, and team id is ignored. number of kills per weapon damage type is also stored and along with other stats are sent to your personal stat page using just your own personal info. kills are not stored per who you kill and etc. on a group basis the only info sent is all the player's id's and scores for rank calculations.

              i think we all mostly agree here: outscore better ranked players to boost your rank.

              so many good players have bad ranks so when they outscore you, they hurt your rank.

              other day i score 950 in warfare and totally whipped everyone, but my rank went down by end of day. i thought the 950 game would really boost me rank. it didnt. why? when i checked other really good player's ranks, they were way worse than mine, so that really good game didn't count a bit. however, the few games where those lower ranked highly skilled players did outscore me, they hurt my rank. because i didn't run into any better ranked players that day, my rank was doomed to go down.

              [EDIT]: also found out that you are expected to score so much higher than a lower ranked player, the lower than rank, the so much better your score must be over his, and if you don't hit that expected score, it can hurt your rating. when you play higher ranked player, you are expected to score somewhere below him, and so when you beat that expected score, your rating can be helped. explains more why playing better ranked players helps, and playing lower ranked players tends to hurt rating even if you beat them.

              imo ratings system is not that great and team based warfare game where any noob can score high by camping the power core just upsets the system. also the personal stats like number of kills and etc are easy to build by using Titan mutators against bots. Anyone who doubts this just check out my number of Monster kills gotten by not very many Titan bot matches. it's easy, just join titan server with only bots playings and use E key to titan hammer them endlessly. all stats easy to manipulate. all the high stat players have real bad ELO rank cause they spent their time playing bot matches to raise their stats, and then probably retire that player id.

              so needless to say folks, just play for fun.


                i dont care....hopefully !....i never was abble to use my name in game ;"already in use" i tryed with all:

                old blitz , redblitz, blitzthe monkey, idiot blitz ,blitz2547 as far as "blitz" is written in the name i m not allowed to create an .....the


                  The stats, I don't care about them at all.

                  As others have mentioned, they're basically worthless as far as ranking skills go. It would be nice if they just disappeared forever.


                    I care just wanna hit that number 1 spot then im done got up to third once but back down to 9th again.
                    TDM hurts rank
                    Greed hurts rank
                    DM hurts rank

                    VCTF helps rank
                    Getting killed by a low ranked person hurts rank if he kills you once you would have to kill him 10 times for you rank to go back up. I am currently in the top 10 I play on dfb vctf if you wanna rank up come get you some names Unreal.Inc in game.


                      Don't care really, exept to keep an eye on my kill ratio, to see if I'm improving.

                      Don't care about the game score either, on public servers you get the 2 or 3 people who constantly grab the orb and cap nodes, then think they are great players becuse they have a high score.
                      I like to play for fun and go around healing peoples vehicles, shooting down redeemers, and hunting people down who annoy me in some way, (sniping me gets my wrath) But mostly just killing people in a variety of interesting ways. Who Actually "wins" the game has no effect on me or my enjoyment whatsoever.


                        I do check mine too. I do my best to never let them influence play, but its nice to see how you've done afterwards.

                        Missing out of the single game stats is massive, though. Thats where you can learn so much about other players and where you can improve.


                          It kinda ticks me off that they even have these muiltiplayer awards and it's like the developers loves to tick people off.


                            Wkd. No one's making you look at the awards.

                            Anyone else -- I mainly like the who-killed-who-with-the-what-now kind of stats. And what I really miss is the built-in end of match stat page from 2K4. Has anyone made anything like that for 3?


                              It looks like there is a mutator which produces the stats called "ut3stats".

                              Here is an example of the outputs:

                              If only this was on the epic, rapator and multiplay servers!


                                I checked them months and months ago yeah, to take a look at my kill/death ratio etc, but when i've realised in one hand, that the "rank" is totally bull**** and means nothing at all and in the other hand that the k/d ratio means nothing too, i just let them away and check it very rarely now, just "to take a look" to the weapons stat, maybe the only things who can be interesting to look for.
                                The rank is bull**** coz a ***** just camping in a DT prime node with a tank can easily be first (that was true before titan) and about the kill death ratio it's useless too, becoz of titan (for war) and for "pub god" aswell.
                                The only thing who matter imho, is against who you fight coz having a k/d ratio of f.e 1.65 against skilled guys is way better to have 3 or sthg in playing 24/7 in pub.
                                I use them sometimes to confirm some feelings i have towards a player like rl/stinger lamer or whatever too , but it's very rare...