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Anyone know how to bind the mouse wheel on a g5?

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    Anyone know how to bind the mouse wheel on a g5?

    or a g7 mouse?

    I have use the setpoint software, but there's no spot for the scroll up and down wheel on it

    Anyone know a way to go around this?

    Almost all games recognize the mouse wheel, why would you need to rebind it via setpoint? In-game just bind it like you would any other button.


      i mean like 2 keys to scroll up and 2 keys to scroll down buttons


        Err you mean the sensitivity buttons?
        If your curious about what the keystrokes I used:

        6: Home
        7: End
        8: Page Up
        9: Page Down

        This makes them useful in every application


          no, i mean on the scroll wheel ...... not the sens buttons


            I don't believe it's possible.
            You just can't use mouse wheel up for 2 keys and mouse wheel down for 2 keys.
            How do you want to manage it?
            Scrolling up has only the function to scroll up.
            The more you scroll, the more you will switch your weapons, the more you will scroll up a site etc.
            Same with scroll down.

            Okay, I'm not 100% sure, but 95%^^

            P.S. I think the G5 has more than enough buttons. I used all 9 buttons.



              as far as i know, you can't bind the mousewheel to anything.

              i tried doing this for COD4, to try to get around the auto-kick when you bind fire to mousewheel. i tried binding mousewheel to U or something, then binding my fire button in cod4 to U, which works with other buttons, ie the side ones, but not for the mousewheel.

              but again,i have a MX518, which is almost the same mouse, same layout and all, but mine is optical.