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    Originally posted by arcane_raven View Post
    I didn't say the one in the link was bad i was refering to how fast technology goes
    Well my reply was aimed at ThaMarine, just to be sure there's no misunderstanding here


      Your computer is simply to old there some options still open tho and that's

      I think your computer will only have an agp slot so.. :

      Option 1.

      get the best agp card available wich is.. if im not mistaken a 1950 pro ati card.You should scout some 2nd hand sites like ebay and try to get one for.. well 40~50 dollar or .. around 40 euros.Upside to this card is.. it will run stuf at acceptable speeds.Downside is this card is totally sh*t with ut3,as in .. I had this card too for 2 years and I need the hands and feet of the chinese population to count the times i crashed and burned and had to hard reset my computer.

      Option 2.

      Get a new computer wich isn't an option..But honestly your computer is in use it as a heavy paperweight old.It will run stuf like warcraft 3 but the new games will come to a grinding halt with around 3fps or won't run at all..

      Imagine your friends talking about this new cool game with superdeluxe gfx and your like yea i got it too downloaded it from this or there and then you've to lie to them and tell them yea it looks really great.

      As you walk on homewards you turn on your computer and start crysis.The loading time will take so long that you first watch the news downstairs.Uptodate 30 min later you park yourself in front of crysis and you turn everything down to atari 2600 gfx to get an acceptable framerate of 10...

      Option 3

      if you still can't go without ut start playing unreal tournament 2004 this one will huggle your onboard videocard and outdated cpu and you live happily ever after.

      Option 4

      Start stalking houses in the middle of the night and find a house wich have a good computer.While the people are sleeping you prowl around for a loose door and then you install ut3 on that computer and play over there.

      Option 5

      Get a paperjob and work for your new computer.

      Option 6

      Overclock your computer especially the cpu.Ut3 is verry cpu dependant and it loves high clock speeds..If you can overclock your p4 2.7ghz to let's say 4.7 ghz you will get an acceptable framerare if it runs..



        Thats how mine runs on my 9800GTX+ (£125 - Amazon ) @ 1920x1080p (through my tv).

        Thing is I'm sure I read that just upgrading your graphics card won't be worthwhile if you have a bad CPU (not bad, I mean older). I may be wrong, but I read things about this on other forums where people bought top of the line GCards but had older CPU's so they were getting crappy performance (not in UT3 only, just in general) lol, poor sods


          Originally posted by Gunwing View Post
          OMG onboard graphics? Thats so lame it's not even worth talking about. NEVER EVER EVER USE ON BOARD GRAPHICS! THEY SUCK SO HARD!

          You should by a GTS-250 1GB video card and you would be smokeing almost all video games.
          I'm running on onboard gfx, my mobo a Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H, it has geforce 9400 built in... admittedly I know it's nothing special, I bought this purely to be used for media purposes only, but it does run games pretty well, and it passed with flying colours on that test page that The Demon Slick recommended. It only cost £90.


            Usually when people hear integrated graphics, they think Intel or SiS, which absolutely cannot play modern games. An integrated chip from ATI or Nvidia will do much better of course.


              Originally posted by DertayRuthless View Post
              Maker216.....If I had that kinda money I wouldnt have this problem to begin with and wouldnt have to pirate 95% of whats on my computer....ANYWAY to the person who is willing to help

              The onboard card Im using is
              Intel 82845G

              If you can suggest a new graphics card for me to purchase that will work at a reasonable price thank you
              If you have AGP graphics, then make sure you have a 4x or 8x slot. If it's too old, you may not. If you have a 4x or 8x AGP slot, then buy a cheap ati HD3000 series card. ATI seems to be the only choice for AGP left. Just make sure you play at low res and low details. I don't think that I would describe what you will end up with as playable though, but likely as good as you will get as a minimum spec system.