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i.NFAMOU.s clan?

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  • i.NFAMOU.s clan?

    Anyone know how to get in touch with a clan member or leader?

    I cache converted one of their clan maps and put it on the TDM server. I just did it for laughs and didn't plan to leave it on, but have decided to leave it on over the weekend and want to ask permission.

    I can't find the map for download anywhere so I figured I'd better ask. I didn't change it in anyway, the clan greeting and logos are still there.

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    Try on this server or contacting first two players on the list.


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      I'm the clan leader. I'm otherwise known as i.*Negative~+*. LOL. I make the maps, too. So you have full permission from me. It's an honor actually.


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        cool, thanks.

        You'd be really good at making the christmas maps we used to play back in the days