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Request: Please no more vCTF-Suspense only servers!

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    I don't know if I wrote something unclear, but I talk all the time about "official maps".
    I have no idea why a lot of users are writing about custom maps.
    (No offense, I'm just confused if I wrote something wrong).

    I only want Kargo, Sandstorm, Containment, Stranded, Rails, Necropolis and Corruption - nothing more.



      No offense taken, just wanted to hijack your thread a bit : P

      I only want Kargo, Sandstorm, Containment, Stranded, Rails, Necropolis and Corruption - nothing more.
      Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they are yours.


        Yes but if I want to play custom maps, I play on a custom server.
        I don't have anything against custom maps

        Months ago, there was a vCTF server called DFP.
        All standard maps ran on it and there was no voting.
        That means you could play all maps and the server was full every day.
        It was great and a server like this is my desire.



          Suspense is a great map. But its played to absolute death. It becomes yawn inspiring very quickly, in my opinion.
          I've played UT since its early days (UT99 I think), and there was always a strong modability vibe about the game. IE, everything could be modified or customised in some way. Be it new maps or weapons or wacky mutators etc etc.
          So it seems a shame that although this aspect of the game has not been lost at all, its also rarely promoted by most server admins. A good admin would respect the essence of UT surely?
          Yes, the kids might whinge if you put more maps on, even if they are merely alternative stock maps. But I think admins have a duty to uphold what UT is about which a lot more than Suspense alone.

          It also seems odd that Epic & Co have gone to great lengths to get the creative community ball rolling to come up with a ton of amazing new content for the game (the MSUC) but im yet to see any of the official/epic sanctioned servers run any of it? They want people to make it, but where is the encouragement for anyone to actually run it? Doesn't that seem like a waste?
          You'd have thought the MSUC prize winners content could be released in some kind of official pack for people to download, as they would for a patch. It would conveniently promote the spirit of UT whilst avoiding most of the mid game session download grumbles from many players.
          IE, it essentially becomes new stock material.

          Just my 2 spider mines worth..



            i cant see any valid arguments here. on the other hand i can read a lot of insults here and there that suspense players are mega-noobs, they dont even know the key to chat in game and some other ppl know it all sooo much better. who are you to tell the ppl what maps they have to play? they paid their bucks for this game and if they want to play suspense all day long then so be it. its not like we dont have no other servers with different maps in the pool. there are enough other servers online and also with good pings for european players. its their decision and not that of some clan members who are probably bored cause of lack of competition to destroy call it what u want "suspense noob community" cause they think it stinks. last point: u must be a dreamer if u think changing these suspense only servers will shift the amount of suspense-ppl on other maps. its not working this way and we dont have the ressources to experiment with it.


              I agree that some MSUC stuff like good maps should be included into a pack for download officially, and rolled out on steam update.

              Then the servers would have even more maps to play, and custom map only servers will see more life - as everyone would have the good maps atleast...

              EDIT: Blutwurst - no one is trying to cause arguments or insults, but it seems you are trying to cause arguments, nightmare has a valid point about suspense only servers, the remaining community of good vCTF players all agree suspense is a horrible map to play, it's over played.

              Everyone has a right to voice opinions, don't troll them for their opinions.


                Months ago, there was a vCTF server called DFP.
                All standard maps ran on it and there was no voting.
                That means you could play all maps and the server was full every day.
                It was great and a server like this is my desire.
                Well, the thing is, Multiplay are a business, they host Suspense only servers to in order to promote their business and sell server space. Making a popular server... that's of no interest to them, in fact it costs them more in bandwidth. I'm guessing Epic pay multiplay to host Suspense only servers for the noobs to try their demos with. So, the only way you'll ever be happy is to buy hosting either from Multiplay (which I highly advise against, as their clanbase software is awful, as is their uploading policy) or use someone else.


                  there is in fact no real community but a ton of individual players. somehow some clan members / clans think they have the right to speak for the "community" (for all ppl) or to tell them what is good / bad but very often without any substance or selfish reasons and no one voted for them either. sometimes certain ppl should have a closer look at the word "public gaming".

                  the remaining community of good vCTF players all agree suspense is a horrible map to play, it's over played.
                  the remaining community, what is it? your definition of community? and when they think suspense is a horrible map then im wondering why are there still so many players on these servers. so your definition of remaining community is probably a minority. there are two worlds: that is public gaming and there is the competition gaming in ladders/cups (clanbase, esl and whatever). if one is not working then dont try to form the other "world" so it gets a substitute. that is my impression i get in this thread.


                    WE DEMAND CHANGE!



                      Originally posted by plugh View Post
                      I now only play on Hedsteem, it's all custom all the time, maps, vehicles and weapons. It's a constantly evolving environment, we have a team of mappers and coders of varying skills and abilities, and we also have a large test server for testing the content we create before it goes 'live'. Hedsteem is NOT a clan, we are a community, and anyone and everyone is welcome to play with us, even join us on Ventrilo and have a damned good laugh. The pings from the UK are surprisingly good, the server is in Washington, and pings about 110-120 from here in very few hops, but there's players on there from Canada, California, Brazil etc who all ping the same or higher as they have more hops.
                      Hey, Hedsteem fan! I know your server and i played a lot on it, but then my ping suddenly went up from 180 to around 240, and i just couldn't play Anyway, i have custom vehicle, which needs only to be implemented into UT3, i don't think it's hard to do. If you want to take a look at it, contact me I'll be glad to join you in creating custom stuff


                        Well, without hijacking this thread any further, go to and sign up. : )

                        back on topic...


                          Okay, I have checked all 5 vCTF servers:
                          Multiplay vCTF #1: Suspense only (but not mentioned in title!) - vote menu is empty
                          Multiplay vCTF #2: No Stranded and no Rails
                          Multiplay vCTF #3: Suspense only
                          Multiplay vCTF #4: Only Suspense, Necro and Sand - why?
                          Multiplay vCTF #5: Suspense only

                          Another small thing:
                          Basically, I really like these servers because they do not run the Titan mod (I'm not a Titan hater, but I have made bad experiences with Titans in vCTF)
                          and the player count is not huge.
                          (Less than 20).
                          Also the ping is very nice!

                          Maybe some Multiplay admins could think about it, I really don't like it.
                          I like variation, everyone likes a map, but I think players should have the chance to play any map.
                          I also would complain if there would no be Suspense only servers but Sandstorm only servers.
                          Why cutting a game which has many maps?
                          Ok, there aren't even that many compared to DM or Warfare.
                          We should be glad having not very less maps, so where is the sense to force 1 map to be overplayed, even if there are many real Suspense fans?

                          If someone wants to play Suspense, he can alwasy press Esc, go to vote and click on Suspense.



                            No titans, no stranded, custom maps on one server where people actually play


                            The days of should be back!


                     was where all the banned people from Epic/Multiplay ran to, and all the botters and abusers


                                OK, had a discussion over this.

                                Epics servers will stay as is, as they're their servers.
                                This gives you the option to play with Titans and all stock maps.

                                Multiplay ones will change to the following:

                                Multiplay vCTF #1: All stock maps (No voting)

                                Multiplay vCTF #2: All stock maps (Voting)

                                Multiplay vCTF #3: Popular maps (Voting)
                                - Sandstorm, Supsence, Stranded, Rails, Necropolis, Corruption

                                Multiplay vCTF #4: Stock and Custom maps (Voting)

                                Multiplay vCTF #5: Suspence Only

                                These servers will all be updated when i get around to it, and whilst not, or trying to to interrupt any games in progress. Hopefully most will be done tonight/tomorrow morning.