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*PS3* What's your controller setup???

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  • replied
    i kust use the default control set up

    but my sensitivity is - 15

    and turn acceleration is - 8

    thats pretty high but ive got so use to it

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  • replied
    R1 primary fire
    L1 secondary
    L2 chat
    R2 next weapon
    X jump, triangle is weapons wheel
    Left/right sticks move dodge aim, push in right stick for horn
    I forget the rest, but stuff I hardly use is on the 4 directional buttons.
    I hold it with my thumbs on the sticks and my two index fingers on L1 and R1. My jump is right near my aiming stick so I can hit it with the fat part of my thumb and still be aiming. L2 for chat is just easier for me, I play a lot of team games and PS3 voice isn't borked like on pc.

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  • replied
    L2 - chat
    right arrow - next weapon
    R2 - Weapon picker
    Not sure what else if off-default

    sensitivities: 20 turning 10 acceleration

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  • replied
    i use R1&L1 for primary & secondary fire respectively.. L2&R2 are both jump

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    well i use mouse+controller but my set up for that L1 jump L2 toggle speak so that would put my R1 as fire R2 alt fire but i use mouse so thats not used L3 use/vehicles Mouse3 translocator

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  • started a topic *PS3* What's your controller setup???

    *PS3* What's your controller setup???


    I just noticed that in the settings you can bind anything to any button on the PS3 controller.

    I just wanted to know everyone's setups for this!

    Mine is:

    L1: Prev Weap
    L2: Alt Fire
    R1: Next Weap
    R2: Fire
    Triangle: Weap Select

    Rest as normal. Whatever was triangle as default (minimap zoom, i think) is now bound to R3.

    I believe this is a very logical setup as the triggers feel nice to use and having the prev and next weap option is helpful for quick switching if you know what your doing.

    Just post what you did and why, how and what you use it that way for.

    Happy Posting!