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Lag problem I can consistently reproduce

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    Lag problem I can consistently reproduce

    This lag issue isn't caused by bad ping, or a poor quality server, but appears to be a duration issue. In other words, how long you are connected to a server. I've noticed this problem on every server I have ever played on if I stay connected long enough. I think this issue is big reason why so many players are having a bad experience and blaming lag.

    If I stay connected to the same server for around a hour or so, I start getting lag jittering. Every 2-3 seconds your character will get groundshake/stuttering, almost like packet loss. But when you check PL using f6 there is none.

    To duplicate this lag problem, just join a popular server where people are playing and spectate for 70 minutes. Of course you don't have to actually spectate someone the entire time, the idea is to stay connected to the same server for 70 minutes. Then join. You should notice the problem immediately.

    The solution is to reconnect, at which time you are good for another hour or so. But, players typically aren't aware that reconnecting is the fix, and will get very annoyed and/or leave.

    Can someone help me confirm this? When someone complains about lag I often tell them to just reconnect and then they're fine again. So I think other players are seeing this problem as well.

    I would like to know if it's a game problem, or something to do with a player's ISP, etc...

    i haven't searched yet, but i swear i have seen this issue raised before, it seems in my memory, that this has happened to me as well in the past in circumstances quite the same. for the most part, i always chalked it up to higher player counts as the time in spent in server passed. but i recall this happening before, in situations where the player count never really got too large.

    but the symptoms seem the same. esp the part about stuttering akin to packet loss, which was never displayed or reported in my netstats.

    any one experience this?


      Quite possibly a client side Memory leak. Not that i have any proof but it could be.


        I'm fairly certain that if it was a client side memory leak then reconnecting wouldn't solve the problem, you'd have to shutdown the application and re-launch it.

        hi rek


          I play for hours on the same server and don't have this problem. I used to get some stuttering and jumpyness if I was in spectate mode and alt/tabbed out for a long period of time though. It would happen as soon as I rejoined the game but go away after a few minutes or so, but since a fresh install it doesn't even do it at all now.


            Are you playing on servers with the latest patch?

            I used to have that problem quite often before the 2.0 patch, but not so much now. It was bad enough to put me off playing the game.
            I have been experiencing some weird sort of lag/pl-like things happen when f6 shows no pl at all. I thought maybe the server's tickrate was too high (40), but the server only had 8 players on, and most pings were pretty low. :/

            On a un/related note: When watching client-side demo's, I get the huge amounts of stuttering the longer the demo is running. - it still needs fixing.


              Yes, everything is patched up to date. This has been happening since the day UT3 was released and I started playing it. I just blew it off thinking it was my connection.

              I've joined servers with various tickrates, it still happens consistently around the hour mark. I even adjusted the tickrate on one of my servers to 30, 45, 60, and 80. It still happens.


                When it happens to me, its often after only 5-10 mins of play with few players on the server, can't say that in my case is because of the 60> mins spent on the server. And even if I try reconnecting or restarting the game I still have the problem.


                  Of course we have all seen what appears to be lag or packet loss even when stats show nothing like that... I will try to duplicate this when I get some time. Very interesting thread. I'm curious what everyone else comes up with as well, I'll post back with results, you guys too if you have time!


                    with m, this doesnt seem to be an isuue. 2 reasons,

                    1: i'm never on a server for an hour anyways.
                    2: i disconnect and rejoin every time the map changes.

                    plus, i try not to join any server with over 150 ping.

                    works for me like a charm. (PS3 user)
                    When i stay in a server too long, vehicles go into relapses, including hoverboard, plus weapons have like a 2 second firing delay.


                      Has anyone tried hosting their own local server and then connect to yourself to see if that also has the problem?

                      Also a 'listen' versus 'dedicated' servers might prove fruitful.


                        I have noticed lag unrelated to my network connection in the following cases:

                        1) On Warfare servers(might apply to VCTF too, not sure). As the number of players increases, lag starts increasing. This is not network lag on the server side, but CPU lag. I know this because I have seen 2k4 ONS servers run with 32 players with no lag smoothly on the same machine simultaneously that the UT3 server struggles on. Rumors are that it's because of threading issues on the server and unable to use multicores properly.

                        Happens more on shared servers like UMG with lots of servers on a single box. Example: Ping is around 65-70 on UMG with 8 players playing. As the player count goes > 20, it increases to 100 to 140. And it happens everytime. This effect is less on servers with better CPUs and running less instances of UT3 servers.

                        2) Having network statistics on(F6): Having the net stats displayed starts increasing the ping reported and fps drops to less than half. Took me sometime to realize this. I was thinking that my ping started increasing once someone complained about the lag but later realized that showing stats by pressing F6 SEVERELY impacts my ping and fps.

                        I haven't noticed the problem stated by the OP, but will try next time I play more than an hour.


                          Played Epic2 last night with 32 people, for over an hour and a half... I ran very smooth the whole time, but a lot of people were typing that they had lag, server is shlt, etc... one guy might have had aim assistance, he was on my team (expression of extreme distaste) but he didn't help us much, just camped and sniped. I personally did not see any lag. I'll try having f6 on next time, see what that does. I did hit f6 a few times to see my ping (stayed around 90) but never left it up for more than a second.


                            I had this problem today as well..I thought it would go away after map change, but it just got worse and worse. Power-ups were bugged, not appearing right, nor was armor, jump boots,, and even ammo.

                            Flags were even appearing in the middle of nowhere, for example. If it was taken, and dropped, the place where it was dropped was the place it stayed, even if it said it was returned.

                            I think it's the patch 2.1, but that's just my own opinion.