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    Ok, since the Titan pack, what have you done with the bots?

    Now, I would call myself a decent gamer - when I can game I perform pretty well and when I can game I like a challenge.

    I have mentioned in a few other threads the problems but I think it needs to be pointed out.

    I'm not one for playing online - this is due to laggy servers and the fluctuation of **** players to someone who spends their life on it.

    So I am stuck with bot matches.

    Up until Titan I could enjoy a casual game on Inhuman skill level and sometimes I would go for a Godlike match - and - sometimes even win it.

    Now, it seems I struggle at Masterful.

    Adept, Skilled and anything under is ridiculously easy, Masterful however I can win by a mile or it tends to be ridiculously unfair.

    Unfair I'm talking about spawning in the same position over and over, bots bending link beams around the corner, dodging like no tomorrow and tracing me behind walls.

    What happend?

    Why have you changed the bots, they did not need changing, they were fine.

    What you have done now is ruined the gradual skill increments and what we have now is a system where you stick your finger in the air and wonder if you are going to win a match or not.

    It's ridiculous - I am tempted to head back before Titan and just enjoy the game for what it was before this 'pack'.


    Inhuman DM, seems exactly the same as Masterful.

    The system is absolutely screwed atm.