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TDM and CTF Ladders Open for challenges at FN

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    TDM and CTF Ladders Open for challenges at FN

    Hi everyone,

    After a long cycle of getting the FN UT3 server up and running and testing maps and settings, the 2v2 TDM and the 5v5 CTF ladders are now open for challenges.

    We thank you for your patience during this time and we hope that all of you have fun this Season.

    Please note that the server is running UTComp for the TDM and CTF game types to allow a warm up round and quick game voting and ping compensation for those players from different continents.

    The server is pass worded to allow matches, but the server is open to any person or team to practice during non match times. Feel free to drop in an test it out or practice anytime.

    There was a separate email sent out to all ladder participants with the password.

    If anyone runs into any problems please let the Fraggednation UT3 admins know.

    Have fun.

    -- bump up the line --