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Custom content folder getting packed, any ideas?

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    Custom content folder getting packed, any ideas?

    My C: disk is getting quite filled, mostly because of custom (and official) UT3 content in My Documents. I'd like to keep my files, but continue filling the space somewhere else. What's a safe procedure to change the directory where my UT3 files reside?

    I was thinking about a junctioned folder, but I'm not sure how that'd work out when worrying about disk space (or if its even safe for the base hard disk where my OS is).

    Can the "My Documents" folder be changed in an .ini-file or something? Would it even work without reinstalling?

    Sorry if this question is simple. Thanks in advance.

    You can move all the ut3 files from mydocs/mygames... into your main UT3 folder on another drive, and run the game with the -nohomedir directive.

    Just do a search for "ut3 nohomedir"


      Okay. The other problem indeed is that my D: drive is quite full too.

      But I'll check whether it'd work. Thanks!

      EDIT: Nevermind. I'll remember to clean my editor autosaves every now and then from now on. The folder had 12 gigs worth of files in it.