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[PS3] Downloadable content... (PS Store)

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    [PS3] Downloadable content... (PS Store)

    Hi there!

    I was so happy about getting this game I downloaded the map pack on the PS store and it disappeared after I left to download then shut down the PS3.

    I did this with another game and it also disappeared, I found out that it had actually installed which is why it disappeared.

    So basically, I found out that if you Turn off after background download, it also installs it for you .

    Okay, so I don't have the game saved anywhere on my PS3 so would it have installed???

    When I get the game I'll check the maps I have so could someone tell me the names of the maps you download???


    Also, I downloaded the Titan Pack from the PS Store and now it shows UT3 under game data, If i play UT3 will it stuff up something when it trys to update or write game data or something???


    anyone? please help!


      One map is Dm-Darkmatch, theres also War-ColdHarbour.

      To check if the titan pack worked see if theres a Titan mutator availiable.


        Thankyou, but when you first use a game, doesn't it install something anyway? Will this overwrite or stuff up the titan pack? Or the game???

        Thanks for replying.


          Don't worry. The game was from USA so it didn't work anyway.

          I made a new account so I could access the US Playstation store and downloaded them from there. Works perfectly.

          Lovin' the Titans and Greed!!! (And the map which is grassy with two towers and a long stretch in between (From the titans update) it goes well together)

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