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    the game is like crack


      Originally posted by Dark Fire View Post
      Just thought I'd interject
      I would suggest getting it on Steam, or if you've already bought the retail copy, register the cd key with Steam, I have always preferred getting games on Steam because of a few reasons
      I'll mention a few of them now;
      1. You NEVER have to worry/care about CD/DVD(s) scratching, getting lost, broken, etc. ever again
      2. You don't need the CD/DVD to play/install
      3. You game(s) is/are updated automatically, you don't have to download any patches manually ever again
      4. If any harmful software/files ever find their way onto your computer and corrupt any of you game files, you don't have to reinstall the whole thing, Steam just recreates the clean/original version of the corrupt file(s)

      Just adding my two cents in
      However, if you do buy UT3 on Steam, make sure you create your own shortcut and manually launch Steam and minimize it to the background before playing or you will only get about 1/4 of the frame rate you normally would.