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    Originally posted by DrUnKenSTeiN View Post
    Doesnt anyone has probs with ati gpu's?WinXp n crash after crash. I did many sacrifices for ut3(money,time,patience etc) i wont change gpu or OS for it.Enough is enough.

    Sounds frustrating, don't know the history of your system going from nvidia to ATi, I assume after switching cards you used driver sweeper to get rid of nvidia traces, then deleted my documents /my games, then full clean install of game and patches/pack?


      You guys are helping a lot i am still taking in ideas from everyone i like to have a lot to choose from and you guys have already given me plenty. To make things easier don't worry about monitors i rather have a port to connect to my tv, i have lcd monitors at home already, i also have full surround sound for my current laptop so thats not necessary to include. The tv is 1080p plasma. One question about the 4770 crossfire, that pretty much runs everything at top graphics correct? I haven't bought a new computer in a while so i don't know much about some of the newer products. As far as graphics cards go i have a preference for ATI because my 2 previous cards before this one were GEforce and gave me some problems. I appreciate all you have done so far and will continue to check this thread for more ideas. Thank you guys, this is a great community.


        For UT3, graphics performance is not much of a problem.

        Anything from an ATI 4850 upwards will run at 1080p with most of the eyecandy turned on.
        CPU GHz per core seems to have the most overall effect for this game.

        Invest in quality long term components: Power supply, Case, RAM. The rest is easy.


          you shopuld include the Geforce 295 its the best nvidia card and youll probably be able to afford it on that budget.