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    Anticheat Possible

    I have to say that after the 2.0 and know with the 2.1 patch, I am again impressed with the dedication that Epic is taking with the PC community.
    However with all the effort that they have put into the patches why is there no anticheat of some kind in this.
    Before anyone say's anything like there are not cheats for this game think again.

    Go to Youtube or google it, and you will see that there is a problem and it is very hard to spot it, but I have to say though it is pretty obvious when these morons come into your server.

    Anyway thanks Epic for the great work, but I would really like to see some kind of anticheat hell I would be happy with somthing like UTsecure


    No one is going to say there is no cheating for this game. No one who knows what they're talking about anyway.

    Anticheat for UT has been historically done by the community. This time around, no one in the community cared to do it. It's all up to server admins to ban cheaters for UT3, and that's all we're going to get. Sorry bud.