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Epic should implament these features into UT3

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    Epic should implament these features into UT3

    Ok by now we have all seen how much better UT3 runs after the 2.0 opened up the doors on PhysX in UT3. (even added a folder for it with the correct files and everything)

    How about Epic takes it to a new level?

    In the single player game cutsceens we see hints of what UT3 could be. a fun tactical action game with arcade style weapons.

    We also see cool walking animations, as well as killer on player model rain effects. (We even see some Krall Meele hand to hand combat!)

    Now I was thinking if Epic could get all those death animations, and combat moves, and even the Krall meele attacks we could have a vary cool and even better UT3 that stands out from the rest of the UT famliy more then just being UT99 with a new engine.

    IE This is what I want in UT3: Epic please get these in the game!

    Gameplay changes:

    1. Gametype/Mutator where you can in first person knock down and then maul your enemies with fists/claws etc. With blood splater on the screen!

    2. Sprinting: We see this happen in the cutsceens yet we can't do it? WTF is up with that?

    3. Walking and runing, or Sprinting, currently we can only joge every where and it's not as fun as Epic thinks in VCTF/Warfare to slowly joge on some of those bigger maps.


    We see dirt kicked up by weapons, we see rain fall down and hit the players and then on top of that run down their faces/bodies WTF? why cant we get that in game? We have 3 maps with Rain on them! But no rain ever hits the player? So sad!

    In fact we see some effects that would make some weapons more fun:

    Shock rifle: knocks players on their butt in a dramatic but fun way to kick down the enemy. (we see this for vehicles where the manta, and air vehicles get kicked around by shock weapons why not the first shot on a shock rifle knock the enemy down on their butt?) Could make Instagib games way more fun if you ask me lol.

    Flack cannon: Kicks up dirt and other stuff when shot at close range to the ground. That would give the flack cannon a whole new level of cool!

    I think the fans get the idea. Just looking for more ways UT3 can be even more fun then it is. But without takeing away the stuff that is UT: IE the weapons auto reload when you grab ammo, etc. Dogeing in this type of game could still be done but it could be with PhysX way more tactical then it is now. IE it could use realistic animations, and more correct movement, and be a bit slower.

    I gotta admit a sprint mutator would be awesome and a little more use of physX hopefully in some new maps would be nice.