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*Need help before I get this game*

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    *Need help before I get this game*

    Hi there!

    I have the PS3 version of UT3 arriving this week.
    I just found out you can use Keyboard and Mouse!!!

    Will any keyboard and mouse work? (Of course, One which doesn't need to be installed, just a plug 'n' play one.)

    Also, Since I only have a 40GB, with 2 USB ports, will this be compatible with my PS3: ?


    Also, will wireless mice and keyboards work? If there is a receiver to plug into the PS3? Like will this cheap one work:

    We moved to a new house and lost heaps of stuf during the transfer, and I realised I had stored up a lot of money, so I'm trying to get a good cheap gaming experience..

    And Also Also, can you buy external hardrives that will work on PS3??? Like change settings to make it automatically save to the Drive, which will probably be noticed as a USB system...?

    Because I could buy a 100 GB External drive and save my stuff on that. So long as I didn't have to copy everything or change the save path every time I used my PS3...

    Thanks again!

    Wireless mice and keyboards work the same was regular USB peripherals work. you plug in a USB dongle which is detected as a wireless input device. it acts as a reciever. I don't use a PS3 myself but I am sure there have been plenty of reports on these forums about them, do a search. I would imagine most mice and keyboards will be detected and it will install some standardized drivers, I have never experienced a case on Windows where any of my mice or kb's didn't work with the general driver.


      I have a western digital 500GB external Jbook, works fine, and I can play bluray quality movies right from there (rip or dl from my pc, then put it back on my ps3, it moves back and forth very easily). Game data/etc still saves on my ps3 HDD.... KB/M, any will do... bluetooth works well, but some people claim they lose a little response time and they prefer a usb plug n play, to each his/her own I guess. If you would prefer to move to pc, try something like this:

      600 US with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.50GHz and 4GBs RAM... add a video card and you have a sweet gaming rig that can also handle all your household needs.
      Either way, enjoy, and welcome to UT3!


        Will the USB adapter thing work though? That's the main thing I'm thinking about, because I would like to be able to fit my controller cord, Mouse, Keyboard, and maybe guitar hero wireless receiver thingy in there, and I only have 2 slots currently.


          i think i read somewhere that it should work but that was over a year ago so im not too sure myself i have a 60 with 4 ports and even that isnt enough for me lol

          lol usb headset usb extension for me to play with mouse normal usb to charge my controller or sometimes i have a usb on my comp and plug a cntroller to my comp it also charges the controller usb keyboard lol thats whats in my 4 slots


            Ahhh wait. My friend has one for his PC and I'm going to his house in 2 hrs!!! I can plug it into his PS3 and try it there!


              good idea let me know if it works iive been thinkin about getting one also


                Sorry mate, I didn't get a chance to use his PS3, but I might buy one anyway. When I get the game (This week) I'll try out Keyboard and Mouse and If I think I'd use it I'll buy one and tell you if it works or not.


                  Also, if anyone could tell me if this: would work?



                    I checked that link, that site is pretty stingy with the specs... I'm not even sure if it's RF, but that's what it looks like. That means a usb port for the dongle. I see no reason it wouldn't work though. The easiest way to avoid using your usb ports is to go bluetooth, but then your cost will go up a bit

                    I can give you a headset tip... use any old cheap bluetooth cell phone earpiece/mic, it will work fine and be around 20$, and because it's bluetooth there won't be any usb port tied up. Did you know you can talk to your friends in Europe or the states on your ps3, no charge. Also, with a webcam (about 30 us) you can video conference up to 4 people splitscreen from anywhere on the planet, also free? Pretty cool. I have pc and ps3, both are great for different things. Cheers!


                      Wow! Thanks for all the information! I never even knew anything about that!

                      Oh, and I'm living in Australia so those prices that I linked to will be quite a bit cheaper at your end. I think...

                      I'll go have a look tommorow