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Hello, new here with easy questions!

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    Hello, new here with easy questions!

    Hi there! I'm new to this and have a little story.

    A while back before I had wifi I hired this game out for PS3. I really enjoyed it and the reason I didn't buy it was because of the lack of splitscreen!

    Now I have internet connection and I need to know these things before buying this game.

    1. Does it have Online? I'm guessing yes, if it doesn't, my questions don't matter.

    2. What game modes are there?

    3. Good replay value? I want some personal opinions

    4. How many people are online? Will I find a good lag-free game in Australia with a good amount of people online???

    PS I have wired connection so the only thing I'm worried about is the servers.
    If the servers are annoying like in Call of Duty (Which I also love, but I use it as an example, lol) I MIGHT buy this game...

    Thankyou in advance and I hope I have a good stay here at these forums!

    Well I'm a PC player so I don't know about the servers but I can answer most of your questions.

    1. Yes it does

    2. DM/TDM/CTF/VCTF/WAR/Greed/Betrayal/ Instgib anything/Custom Mods/Mutators make the game ever changing.

    3. Yes I have been playing this game now for over 2 years and I still continue to play it regularly.

    4. I don't know as you have a PS3 and I don't know the online player counts for that.


      The game itself rocks, online is where it really at. About servers.... Australia is, well..... it's Australia, mate! Whoever plays, plays... you know it depends what area, Perth and Sydney will be better than Wauchope, NSW... Righto? Cheers!
      (I apologize if My Aussie is bad, I'm from Boston)


        Just bought the game off ebay and should arrive in less than a week

        Cya online!


          Kiwi, here is a link for the "Meet the Aussies" thread, I know Fragtastic and LordPorkSword, they both seem like good guys. Theres a bunch more of them too. Cheers!