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New competitive UT3 server online!

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    New competitive UT3 server online!

    Well, I got fed up with the fact that all public servers that I ping decently to are running with lame settings and mutators, or have 16 bots running around on Biohazard. So I figured it was time to set up my own.

    Some details:
    • Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    • Votable gametypes are TDM and duel, with TDM being the default
    • UTComp3 v4 beta2 is the only mutator
    • Competition maps

    I'm just posting this here to let the world know about it and maybe build up a nice group of regulars. So give it a try on or find it in your serverbrowser as " :: Competitive server by HGED", and let me know what you think!

    GL & HF

    There's already a nicely setup London based server here: - Pro-T/DM or similar I believe it's called.

    It's a shame to see it idle empty 95% of the time though, I think the Admin did a good job with it too.

    But honestly it's nice to see more following the same route with server setups. GJ


      Just got done playing on it with some dude from Mexico. He had 72 ping which made it very playable. GG's hotcake.


        Haha, I wish... I was at 200-230 ping. But was still fun, ggs.
        Nice server by the way, where is DM-Bonescraper though?